Warranty Policy

Policy Terms

1. The Audient warranty period for any product purchased is 12 months from the date of the original purchase.

2. The warranty is not transferable to a second user.

3. Audient products are built using the latest manufacturing technology, tested to the highest possible standards and by using premium components this should result in providing you with reliable performance for many years.

4. The warranty is return to base, meaning the unit must be returned, carriage paid, to the Dealer you purchased the unit from or the exclusive territory Distributor responsible for the country in which you purchased the product.

5. Some of the products returned under warranty are found not to exhibit any fault at all when they are retested at our Service Centre’s so it’s always useful to contact our Support team first to try to avoid inconvenience to you at support@audient.com

6. If you suspect that your unit is suffering from a component or manufacturing defect during the warranty period please contact either Audient support or the dealer that you purchased the Audient product from.

7. In the event of a component or manufacturing defect becoming evident during the warranty period, Audient will ensure that the product is repaired free of charge or replaced.

8. Whilst this warranty is provided by Audient, the warranty obligations are fulfilled by the exclusive territory Distributor responsible for the country in which you purchased the product.

9. In every case it will be necessary to provide a copy of the original invoice or Dealer purchase receipt to the Distributor.

10. In the event that you are unable to provide proof of purchase directly then you should contact the Dealer from whom you purchased the product and attempt to obtain proof of purchase from them. The Dealer | Distributor will then advise the procedure to follow.

11. This limited warranty is offered solely to products purchased from an Authorised Audient Dealer (defined as a Dealer which has purchased the product directly from Audient in the UK, or one of our Authorised Distributors outside the UK).

12. Please note that if you purchased the product from outside of your country of residence you must return the unit to the original point of purchase for repair.

13. The Audient warranty term is additional to any statutory rights in the country of purchase or as offered by the dealer at the time of purchase.

What is meant by a
Manufacturing Defect?

1. We define this as a defect in the performance or specification of the product as described and published by Audient.

2. A Manufacturing Defect does not include damage caused by post-purchase shipping, storage or careless handling, nor damage caused by misuse.

Contact Support

For further details please contact: support@audient.com