Dolby Atmos Studio Owner Shares Experience With Audient ORIA

1st July 2024


Liverpool-based full service audio production studio, SODA-SOUND is part of the vanguard of ORIA adopters, installing one of the first to come off the production line.




Ted White, Spatial Mix Engineer & founder of SODA-SOUND

Already fully Dolby Atmos certified, SODA-SOUND had already been mixing in Atmos for several years, having produced over 8000 spatial mixes for a broad client base including Apple, Mercedes, Estee Lauder and Samsung.



one of the first ORIAs to come off the production line



This studio has been mixing, mastering and designing sound for a broad range of industries spanning music, gaming and film to advertising for all this time. Indeed, even before ORIA entered their orbit, at least 90 percent of their output left with an immersive mix.



And yet, very soon after taking delivery of the brand new immersive audio interface and monitor controller, SODA-SOUND founder Ted White described ORIA as “the solution many of us didn’t realise we were waiting for.”



Audient wanted to find out more about their experience. What problems did ORIA solve for SODA-SOUND? What were their initial expectations? How did working with ORIA change their workflow?



So we asked them!


“the solution many of us didn’t realise we were waiting for”



Click here to read the in-depth SODA-SOUND case study answering all these questions and more. You can also find the video interview with Ted White and the two SODA-SOUND Spatial Mix Engineers, Joe Punter and Alistair Ford talking about how they work with ORIA.



We look forward to sharing more of these with you in the coming weeks.