Audient iD44 – A Building Block Of Audio Designer’s Setup

5th February 2024


Musician, producer, vocalist, composer, DJ and audio designer Elysha Zaide – alternatively known as the artist ‘Ill-esha‘ – added Audient iD44 to her studio setup, recently. “I love to design experiences, soundscapes, moods and inspiration by sculpting the vibrations of air,” she says, and her iD44 audio interface is the ideal companion.



“a really great control centre”



“It’s a really great ‘control centre’,” says Elysha, who turned to her ‘nerd network’ when choosing the audio interface. “Some of the best DSP people I know (my friends at LHI Audio) singled this out as a great option.” She was looking for something that “had great industry reputation” and was “well designed for user experience.”



She was led straight to Audient.




Woman sits at studio desk looking at camera but wishing she could get on and do some audio design with her fabulous audio interface.
Elysha at her home studio with the trusty iD44 audio interface



“Part of the reason it attracted me was the combination of build quality and integrated multi-monitor control. When you do what I do, there are a lot of listening environments that you have to simulate, so being able to quickly switch between scenarios – and having one less box on your desk – is superb.”



“The integrated monitor control system is super easy and quick”



Originally from Vancouver, Elysha’s career started in the 1990s after getting a degree in Audio Engineering from her native Canada. She has a long history in electronic music with releases on record labels such as Gravitas, Monstercat and Atlantic Records. She’s composed audio for film, TV and multimedia, and over the last two decades she’s played clubs, festivals and international events of all sizes. She’s even lent her talents of innovation to other tech companies, helping them design software and hardware for performance and production.




Elysha plays her keyboard in a home studio surrounded by twinkly lights




Audient was pleased to hear that the build quality of the British-designed audio interface has impressed her, too. “I’ve used audio interfaces where the knobs came off in my hands, or there were so many sub-menus you’d lose hours just trying to navigate it. The simplicity and solid components are really pleasant to use. The integrated monitor control system is super easy and quick.



“For me, music and sound has always been a tool of communication and inspiration. I am constantly highlighting audio whenever and wherever possible on my socials, for those interested in a closer look.”




Elysha looks wistfully into the middle distance wearing a black dress and a turquoise scarf draped - across her shoulders, tastefully falling off one



We will certainly do that. Have a look at Elysha’s website, follow her on Instagram and have a listen on Soundcloud or Spotify to find out what she’s up to.



“I will never stop creating,” she concludes.  Collaborations with Underbelly & Mr Bill, her own dark pop album under a new identity, a feature film score, a ton of secret projects and some work with a new indie game studio called 74bit, are just a few of the things keeping her busy.