Audient and Spitfire team up to offer free Orig!nals Pad VST

10th May 2023


Audient’s Software Bundle has a new addition: ‘Orig!nals Cinematic Pads’ from Spitfire Audio. Audient and EVO hardware owners can now add a touch of Spitfire magic to their recordings and create cinematic masterpieces with the help of this inspiring sample library.



lifetime access to the entire plugin for free!



Valid immediately, ARC members can get exclusive access to this range of classic pad sounds; from rich, dystopian tension beds to celestial, ethereal textures. There are 23 presets made from 45 pads, six controls and three signals, all originally captured from symphonic orchestral recordings at AIR Studios, London. Once downloaded, users get lifetime access to the entire plugin for free!




Spitfire Audio - Originals Cinematic Pads blurry artwork




Joe Higgins of Spitfire Audio says, “We are delighted to be teaming up with Audient to provide ARC users with the much-beloved plugin Originals Cinematic Pads. The perfect tool for levelling up a score, song or beat.”



“The perfect tool for levelling up a score, song or beat” ~ Joe Higgins, Spitfire Audio



Audient’s Andy Allen adds, “Spitfire Audio have long been renowned for their incredible sounding and beautifully recorded libraries. We are absolutely delighted to be able to team up with them and offer Audient customers access to another sought-after professional tool.”




Spitfire Audio: Originals Cinematic Soft Piano screenshot



By registering their Audient or EVO product on the Audient website, everyone with a current product has access to a full range of free software which can provide a variety of enhancements to their recording, mixing and mastering experience – as well as education – absolutely free of charge.



Spitfire Audio joins Cubase, Loopcloud, M-Tron, Sonarworks and Produce Like a Pro on Audient’s Software Bundle ARC: a comprehensive range of software and offers from some of the industry’s leading innovators.




Spitfire Audio 'roundel' brand icon



To make sure you reap the benefits, find your serial number then click through and register your current Audient or EVO product.



Full ARC terms and conditions are here.