A “Gain Changing” Solution from Rational Acoustics and Audient

6th December 2022


Rational Acoustics LLC and Audient Ltd. are pleased to announce the upcoming integration between Smaart v9 and the EVO line of audio interfaces. The Smaart 9.1 update, scheduled to be released in mid-December integrates the controls for phantom power and gain for Audient’s EVO devices – EVO 4, 8, and 16 – directly from within the Smaart interface. Additionally, gain tracking may be enabled to allow for automatic decibel offset recalculation for calibrated inputs.



adjust the input gain of the EVO preamps without losing SPL calibration



With gain tracking enabled, users can adjust the input gain of the EVO preamps without losing SPL calibration. Smaart will automatically adjust the calibration to reflect the new dB offset. In tandem with the EVO Control app, all of the EVO’s input and output settings can be adjusted, and recalled, digitally.



Laptop showing Smaart Control for EVO 8



“This exciting partnership with Audient adds gain tracking functionality to a new and modern interface, readily available to the Smaart user base,” notes Chris Tsanjoures, Rational Acoustics Director of Product Management. “With gain tracking, users who are involved in SPL measurement can calibrate their EVO interface and maintain that calibration as the preamp level is adjusted – something that is simply not possible with pure analogue interfaces.”



“a new, intuitive workflow for Smaart users everywhere”



“We are delighted to partner with Rational Acoustics in integrating our huge selling EVO 2, 4 and 8 channel audio interfaces into the Smaart v9 platform,” says Audient Marketing Director Andy Allen. “With EVO’s ability to digitally control the interface’s gain, phantom power and polarity via our EVO Control app running on users’ laptops and now with Smaart’s embedded integration, we’re providing a new, intuitive workflow for Smaart users everywhere. Indeed, a Gain Changing solution.”



Smaart Control for EVO devices - screenshot



The EVO integration is available for preview in the current “Beta” build of Smaart Suite and will be available for all editions of Smaart – Suite, RT, LE and SPL – starting with the 9.1 update.  Smaart Suite users can download the Beta build from within their license management accounts at my.rationalacoustics.com.



For more information about EVO, visit the EVO website, or click here to find your local EVO dealer.