Remote Recording With iD44 Kindles Twin Flames’ Album

31st August 2020

Audient audio interface, iD44 played an essential part in getting multi award-winning, indigenous Canadian band, Twin Flames’ third album over the finish line using remote recording. Available now, the aptly named album, OMEN was originally due for release in April. Most of the instruments had already been recorded in the studio by late 2019, but as lockdown was announced, the vocal tracks were still outstanding.



“iD44 is a fantastically designed centrepiece for the remote recording solution”




Audient iD44 audio interface at Twin Flames’ makeshift studio

The band’s producer, Jake Jones explains, “Recording an album can be a fun challenge at the best of times, but when Covid-19 slowed our progress to a crawl, we knew we had to find a different approach to the recording process.”



Having already had to postpone much of their tour, they were determined not to be beaten by circumstances. So, husband and wife duo, Jaaji and Chelsey June decided together with Jake that they would try recording the vocals for the album at the Twin Flames’ home music room, with Jake overseeing proceedings from his home studio.




“Audient iD44 delivered everything we needed and more”



First, Jaaji sacrificed a walk-in closet at his home to create “a fabulous dead room for a vocal booth,” using insulation covered in hessian (burlap) for soundproofing. Meanwhile, Jake got to work researching the gear. “I wanted to recommend equipment that would be appropriate for our needs – but also give options for the future of home recording for them as well,” he says, drawing on his extensive experience as an instructor at the Technical Audio Recording Academy in Ottawa.



From closet to vocal booth – in four easy steps!

“When we needed to move to a remote recording solution, I didn’t want to compromise on quality. We needed console grade preamps, excellent conversion quality, DI inputs and two headphone amps. The Audient iD44 delivered everything we needed and more.



I’ve worked with Audient equipment and consoles before and I’ve always been impressed with the experience and the results. This was no exception. It was a simple choice and the iD44 is a fantastically designed centrepiece for the remote recording solution,” adds Jake.



“All in all, we are really impressed with the quality of the iD44”



Jaaji is pleased to report that it went really well. So well in fact, that they “ended up accidentally writing a whole new song” using iD44. “We needed a song for the album that was more acoustic – more the kind of thing our fans are used to. ‘Who I Am’ was all tracked from home with the Audient, under Jake’s direction.”



Chelsey & Jaaji have utilised it to play online shows, whilst not being able to leave the house during the lockdown period. “We used the iD44 as an interface from our mixer board to either Zoom, YouTube Studio or Facebook through OBS. It worked really well for that too.”




Twin Flames’ album OMEN



With the album now out, Jaaji explains that 95% of all vocals and all of the traditional spirit flutes (played by Chelsey) were recorded using the Audient audio interface. “All in all, we are really impressed with the quality of the iD44 and our future will definitely be easier with pre-production and songwriting.”



To keep up with what the duo are up to you can follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on their YouTube Channel.  The hauntingly beautiful cover of Tragically Hip’s Grace Too can be heard here, and to listen to/buy OMEN, click through here.