New Mixer & Driver Improvements Available To All iD Users

27th September 2018


Audient is pleased to announce that the new iD Mixer has been rolled out across the iD audio interface range, giving iD14 and iD22 users beta access to the redesigned, mix focussed software already available for iD44.



iD Mixer: a more modern look and an improved user experience



With a more modern look and an improved user experience, the latest iD Mixer was designed with simplicity in mind. Features include a new tab-based layout, making the mixer easy to navigate and enabling the user to set up complex routing, headphones mixes and more, quickly and without fuss. There is also an option to save and store presets.



Smart Talkback



Marketing manager, Andy Allen says, “Owners of all Audient iD interfaces that use iD Mixer can now take advantage of the all-new Smart Talkback, letting them utilise any audio source connected to their computer – such as a built-in or USB microphone – as your talkback mic, freeing up valuable mic pres for recording.”



significant performance enhancements



A Windows drivers update across the range also provides significant performance enhancements, allowing for reduced buffer sizes and operation at lower latency, giving customers reliable software as well as hardware.



The new, mix focussed look is available immediately. “For those who love the classic look, there’s no imperative to update to the new user interface now – or ever! The choice is yours, simply switch between them in the menu,” adds Andy.




Switch easily between classic and modern user interface styles


Simply click on the product links below to find the latest iD Driver Downloads (for both MKI and MKII units):






If you have any questions about the drivers or their installation, please do not hesitate to contact us via support.