Audient Helps Solve ‘The Mystery Of Britannic’

9th April 2018

Audient gear was integral to recording ADR sessions for U-Film production, ‘The Mystery of Britannic’, released this year. The docudrama charts the fate of the sister ship to the Titanic, which was sunk by a naval mine during the First World War whilst being used as a hospital ship, telling its tragic story using a compelling combination of re-enacted historical events interspersed with scientific underwater footage from the present day.



ASP4816: “The desk is very versatile.”



The main characters’ voices were recorded at Lito’s Place studio by the actors starring in the film. “Audient’s ASP4816 was the main hub for the routing and preamps,” says studio owner and engineer, Manolito ‘Lito’ Galea, explaining the recording process.




“The desk  is very versatile. We used all auxes into Hearback Technology system for the different mixes. We set up first talkback for the director and artist, and the second talkback between the ADR engineer and crew.



“All sessions were recorded on Pro Tools HD & the pre mixes were all in 5.1 controlled via Audient’s surround sound monitor controller, ASP510.






We used Sennheiser MKH 40 microphones & DPA 4080 lapel mic via super-clean ASP4816 preamps,” adds Lito, highlighting the clarity of the desk’s mic pres.

“super-clean ASP4816 preamps”



The complete film is available on iTunes, Verizon, Vimeo and more, as well as on DVD from Amazon. Take a look at the trailer here, and find out more about U-Film Productions on their Facebook page.