Audient Checks In With Anniversary Competition Winners

26th February 2018

Luke Ramsay: winner

Remember our 20th anniversary competition? The one where we gave away £6000 worth of excellent prizes including five limited edition iD14-LE audio interfaces, an ASP800 8-channel mic pre, a Nektar Impact keyboard/controller, Eventide Plugins — and heaps more?


WELL. We picked five winners out of a virtual hat and the prizes have since been packed up by Audient elves and shipped to their new homes.



“I couldn’t be more grateful!”



Lucky Luke Ramsay won first prize. “OH MY GOD! YAYY!!” were his first words. We think he was pleased. Quite rightly so; he’s bagged a fine bundle of prizes, along with the iD14-LE with its anniversary livery – one of only 20 ever to be made. “I work a full time job to save for audio equipment and to be given them as a prize is a massive help. I have plans to engineer, produce, mix/master and release an album of my own music this year, and this audio interface will be at the heart of it with mics, preamp, headphones, software and keyboard helping me towards the final product. I couldn’t be more grateful!”



Philip Hansmann: “fast and precise”

Adam Burke couldn’t believe his luck either. “This is amazing news – it feels like Christmas mk2!” he said when he found out. “I’m a massive fan of Audient – this has absolutely made my day.” He knows what he’s talking about, too, having used ASP8024 to track all the brass on the last Molotov Jukebox record: Just The Thrill.



“I’m a massive fan of Audient – this has absolutely made my day.”



Third prize went to audio engineer/producer Philip Hansmann – another Audient fan. “I really enjoy working with Audient products; I’ve had a MiCO for a couple of years already. Audient gear gives me high quality sound, is super reliable in my day-to-day studio work and is built like a tank.” As for his new, award-winning iD14? “I really like the ScrollControl feature. It’s very useful to use the knob as a controller for different DAW functions. It’s a very fast and precise working experience.”



Kenan Trevian’s iD14-LE in the theatre

Fourth prize winner Kenan Trevien is no stranger to Audient, owning one of each of the 8-channel mic pres: ASP800 and ASP880. “They’re part of my mobile studio. I like them both as they’re neutral and quiet.” He’s currently on the road with his new iD14-LE in tow, working as sound designer for British director, Declan Donnellan’s new play. “The headphone amp is very quiet, the ScrollControl is very useful to adjust the plugins’ parameters and I can count on two nice preamps for additional recordings.”

“I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for your products. This is going to be fun.”


Tim Gale was just as surprised to be one of the winners. “I’m so looking forward to delving into the iD14-LE and getting to know it better. I can’t wait to integrate into my Pro Tools system. I haven’t used Audient before but I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews for your products. This is going to be fun. Thanks so much Audient!”



You’re all very welcome. Enjoy getting creative!