Audient Helps Jam With Friends

16th January 2017

If you look closely, you’ll see one of each of Audient’s 8-channel mic premps ASP800 and ASP880 on YouTube videos from Jam With Friends, a weekly music session recorded live, set up by four skilled friends in Bosnia & Herzegovina and broadcast on YouTube. “We are basically group of volunteers who’ve got together with the desire to discover all the music genres, sub-genres and subcultures wandering through the city of Mostar,” says Gabrijel Prusina, one of the founding four, and owner of Studio Groove, which provided the gear for the recordings.



“One day I compared it with my existing preamp …and the ASP880 sounded way better to my ears.”



“I was recommended Audient’s ASP880 some time ago as I needed a more channels. So I read up about it, then watched a lot of reviews and blind shootouts against much more expensive preamps, and I bought one,” Prusina (pictured in his studio) explains. “One day I compared it with my existing preamp …and the ASP880 sounded way better to my ears. Right after that, I decided to sell the other two and get another Audient – this time the ASP800. Now I have two Audients with my RME Fireface giving me 28 Class-A preamps (20 microphone and 8 line inputs). If I buy anything else in the future, it will be more Audient mic preamps. Why pay more when you can pay less and get the great results and eat your sandwich afterwards?” he adds, referring to the units’ impressive price to quality ratio.






First and foremost a musician, Prusina confesses that it was the lack of somewhere to play as well as record his songs that propelled him to invest in setting up a studio. “I was an absolute beginner when it comes to music engineering.” He taught himself everything he knows, “with a little help of tutorials and my ears. It was – and continues to be – a great experience,” he laughs. This year he finally found somewhere to set up more permanently, and Studio Groove was born.



“If I buy anything else in the future, it will be more Audient mic preamps.”



The benevolent idea of Jam With Friends was sparked when Prusina – also a producer, arranger and composer – met singer-songwriter Anja Rikalo. “Why wouldn’t we use what we have to make something for the community in our free time?” he found himself asking. Not long after, Prusina and Rikalo together with Goran Stojkić of BONK Studio (photography & video production) and EDM musician, Joško Klarić (Ischariotzcky), combined their sound, production and musical expertise to produce YouTube videos of organized jam sessions, unreleased songs of a range of bands and solo artists.




Gabrijel Prusina with his Audient mic pres



“We’re in it for the music. If you have music that deserves to be heard, you wanted to be part of a creative gathering or just wish to have a music gig with the best possible audio and video (and photo) support, that’s what we do,” explains Prusina. Previous Jam With Friends videos have been shot in Groove Studio as well as in the picturesque town of Mostar in southern Bosnia & Herzegovina. “All you need to bring with you are a good mood, creativity and a willingness to collaborate,” says Prusina, who’s happy to welcome people from all over. “Never mind the distance. If someone wants to get on the Jam With Friends team and do what we’re doing anywhere in the world, feel free to get in touch,” he adds. “If you’re a musician or want to be of technical assistance, join us!”






Keep an eye on their Facebook page to find out what they’re up to (or join in!) – and of course listen to the excellent recording setup.