JavaJam Installs First Audient Heritage in Benelux

9th January 2017

It took Chris da Graça just a few years to build up JavaJam studio, which today he describes proudly as “…a well-run, popular professional music recording studio and theatre space.” Eight years after first opening its doors, the studio takes delivery of an Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition – the first of the new, enhanced, large format consoles from Audient to be installed in Benelux.



“I love the whole concept of Audient. Great sounding, beautiful products that are still affordable.”



Based in the small Burgundian town of Oudewater, da Graça was already an Audient fan, having previously owned the more compact ASP4816 mixing desk.  “We were very happy with the ASP4816, but we needed the extra channels,” says da Graça, who was ably assisted by Audient’s Benelux distributor, Pro Media Connect to upgrade the cabling to accommodate those extra input channels and direct outputs.




JavaJam – the studio space



Adding the Dual Layer Control (DLC) option, ensures da Graça has a range of DAW control features at his fingertips “I used to use the ASP4816 with MC Mix from Avid, but with the Heritage DLC, all the control is completely integrated in the desk, and I really like that,” he explains. “One click on the DLC and you can switch between Logic & ProTools.”



“the vintage VU meter is very useful, as well as looking the part”



The RETRO IRON output card on the new Heritage console has also made an impression, providing subtle LOW BUMP and HIGH LIFT Mix EQ’s and allowing for wider, more spacious mix bus tones. “The tonal shaping options and John Hardy Co. 990C Mix Bus amplifiers allow many possible routes whilst mixing,” adds da Graça.




Studio owner Chris da Graça at his ASP8024 Heritage Edition console



“I love the whole concept of Audient,” he continues. “Great sounding, beautiful products that are still affordable. There is no real competition in this price range at this quality. The desk itself looks great, it’s well finished and has a clear and simple layout. The walnut finish gives an extra special touch, and even the vintage VU meter is very useful, as well as looking the part. Furthermore the great-sounding pre-amps, functional EQ and speed of working on the desk make it a pleasure to work with.”



“The great-sounding pre-amps, functional EQ and speed of working on the desk make it a pleasure to work with.”



JavaJam clients include local bands, solo musicians, choirs and other creative musical projects. “We do lots of pre-production recording work and some full album projects where the Audient mic pres come in very handy indeed.” Together with the world-class Audient mic pres and a comprehensive array of outboard gear, da Graça draws on his own broad musical background to help him connect with and understand his customers. “My father played jazz guitar and my mother and sister piano. I wanted to be a drummer – specifically Ringo Starr. I ended up learning to play guitar (starting on an old pre-WW2 Resonator Dobro) and progressed to playing in various bands.”







The coming months see JavaJam continuing to be busy. “The talented Amsterdam band The Loot will be here, plus Aemstelbeat and Seyl & Treyl. We also have sessions planned with a jazz trio, and a solo bass guitar,” So it seems da Graça has found his balance; working in a relaxed and professional environment with others, he’s happy. “I can serve both my own creativity and those of my customers,” he says.


Indeed, everybody’s happy.