International Voice Actors “for 75 of the Fortune 100” Powered By Audient

8th mai 2024


With an enormous body of work and a vast global client list, the voices of Camille Dixon and Bill Rogers will be recognisable to many. Camille and Bill were the announcers for the Disney resorts in Anaheim, California. Both accomplished voice over artists rely on their collection of Audient iD interfaces and are trusted by top, international companies to communicate anything from announcements and narrations to commercials and education.



“iD4 and iD14 gave us the clean sound we wanted”



Currently they have two iD4s, two iD14s, an iD22 and an EVO 4 in their arsenal. Bill tells us, “We rely on our Audients to give us great sound, whether it’s announcements for our production clients worldwide, radio ads for folks like the World Champion Texas Rangers baseball network or training or sales e-learning for 75 of the Fortune 100.”




Camille Dixon & Bill Rogers at the LA studio with their trusted Audient iD4 audio interface
Voice actors Camille Dixon & Bill Rogers in their LA studio with their trusted Audient iD4 audio interface



With decades of experience as radio hosts and full-time freelance voice overs, Camille and Bill’s client list is peppered with prestigious names from Delta Airlines to Ford Motors, Toshiba to Touchstone.



“Audient products work exceedingly well with Apple Macs with the M-1 chips”




Meeting back in 2000 when one of Camille’s clients booked her at Bill’s studio in Santa Ana, California, the pair have since grown their partnership. His background as an audio engineer stands him in good stead when setting up studios and choosing the right gear. “Over the years there have been 15 different studios in two states, with a ton of different A/D boxes and associated gear,” he reminisces. “When we met my studio was full of analogue gear and IBM-style PCs.”



Fast forward to today, they currently work out of three Apple-equipped studios with a variety of microphones and Audient interfaces. “When we moved to new studios in Salt Lake City, we had time to research new equipment. Even though we continued to use PCs, we upgraded our mic locker to include a Neumann TLM-103, Sennheiser-416 and two Vanguard V-13s. However, the 103 and the V-13s wanted better than our current A/D boxes.”




Bill Rogers in the LA voice over studio with his Audient audio interface
Voice actor, Bill Rogers with iD4



Enter Audient. “The iD4 and iD14 gave us the clean sound we wanted.”



Bill continues, “Our existing studios in Los Angeles were in need of a better sound as well, so we bought iD4 and iD14 MKIIs, only to realise that Audient products work exceedingly well with Apple Macs with the M-1 chips.” Result! The dedicated talkback technology available on iD MKII audio interfaces is ideal for their work, enabling them to use any audio source connected to the computer – such as a built-in or USB mic – as the talkback mic, freeing up valuable mic pres for recording.




Cami Dixon uses her Audient iD4 in the LA voice over studio
Voice over artist, Camille Dixon – sounds great with Audient iD4!



Then the pandemic hit. Whilst Camille and Bill moved to Salt Lake for two years, they took the opportunity to revamp their Los Angeles studio. Once again they favoured Audient – but this time choosing the iD22 audio interface for its additional inputs.  The EVO 4 was their latest addition, bought especially for when they’re travelling and need to make quick adjustments whilst on the road. “We just love it for those ‘pillow-fort’ moments in the hotel,” laughs Bill.



With such a comprehensive set of Audient audio interfaces, they can trust that their recordings will always be reliably clear. Bill Rogers and Camille Dixon continue to offer their premium voice acting services for clients around the world. Find out more about Camille here and Bill on his website here.