Meet iD24 – New Audio Interface From Audient

15th February 2023


British audio specialist Audient introduces the new 10in / 14out audio interface, iD24. Designed to make your recordings better, it slots neatly between the iD14 and the more recently launched iD44 in terms of functionality, and boasts the much coveted audio performance and feature set associated with the iD range .



“iD24 is made with producers and engineers in mind”



Andy Allen from Audient says, “iD24 is made with producers and engineers in mind. We’ve combined astonishing audio performance with ease of use whilst providing more features aimed at professionals such as balanced inserts, ADAT expandability and customizable monitor control.”



iD24 features two Audient Console Mic Preamps, which – as with every iD interface – are  the same discrete circuit design as those found in the flagship ASP8024-HE console. The class leading converters utilise 32-bit DAC converter technology which deliver a massive 126dB of dynamic range. “We want to ensure our customers can hear their audio with incredible clarity. Being able to hear those subtle details is really important as it helps users to feel more confident when making recording and mix decisions,” explains Andy.



“scale up your rig quickly and cost effectively”



“We know the modern engineer often needs to be ready to handle bigger sessions like recording drums or a live band, and iD24’s optical input and output connections give you the ability to scale up your rig quickly and cost effectively,” he continues. Supporting both ADAT and SPDIF, iD24 gives the option to boost input capabilities by adding up to eight channels of external mic preamps.






Describing the advantages of iD24’s balanced inserts, Andy says, “For those customers who love their outboard, iD24 gives them the ability to integrate their favourite outboard FX into their signal chains when recording. Additionally, utilising the insert returns gives direct access to the A/D converters providing the cleanest signal path possible, which gives users the ability to process stems using outboard.” This also gives Audient customers the option of bypassing the Audient mic preamp altogether if necessary and utilising external mic preamps instead.



integrate your favourite outboard FX into your signal chains when recording



Maintaining a focus on workflow, any of the advanced monitoring features, including  Speaker Select, Talkback, Polarity Invert and Mono can be assigned to any of the three programmable function buttons. This gives users the ability to customise their setup and take advantage of pro features like quickly alternating between speakers, referencing a mix in mono or communicating with the artist – all directly from the hardware.






iD24 is fully bus powered via a USB-C connection and benefits from the addition of dual headphones outputs, four line outputs and a dedicated low latency software mixer.



For a full feature list, check out the iD24 product page.