YouTube ‘Extreme’ Drummer Blown Away by EVO 16

20th September 2022


EVO 16 has opened so many new possibilities,” says intense, energetic drummer and content producer, Tobines after having tried out the new audio interface for the first time. As it happened, he set up in a warehouse in Leeds. “Recording in weird and unexpected locations is the vibe I’m going for,” he explains. “I want to create unique and entertaining videos based around drums and music.”



“It sounds as good as any professional piece of studio kit”



With close to 200k followers on YouTube, drumming really is Tobines’ lifelong passion. He’s not afraid to embrace the unconventional, either. At the beginning of this year, he played his drums on the back of a moving monster truck. Now he is looking to push his boundaries even further with the arrival of his new EVO interface by Audient.  “I can see the EVO 16 being a huge part of that going forward.





“When we used it on location for the first time, we barely noticed it was there – which if you’ve ever set up audio stuff, you know is the ideal scenario.”



“The EVO 16‘s technology is so exciting to me” ~ Tobines



Putting EVO 16 through its paces, he used the revolutionary Smartgain feature to set the gain for his whole drum kit – using all eight channels in this case – which took less than 20 seconds. His first impressions? “Absolutely unreal. It sounds amazing.” After sitting down with his professional monitoring headphones, he added, “It sounds as good as any professional piece of studio kit.” Praise indeed.



Tobi’s sound engineer delighted at the performance of EVO 16



“The EVO 16‘s technology is so exciting to me as it just gets the job done perfectly in a fraction of the time of regular interfaces. This allows us to focus on crazy concepts!” EVO is intrigued to know what these crazy concepts might look like, but Tobines isn’t giving too much away. “Where are we going next…who knows?! I’ve actually been to change plans because of the EVO 16. It has opened so many new possibilities as to where we can record. But I’m thinking about the kit setup on a moving transport piece.”



Well that’s definitely something to look forward to! Find Tobines on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to keep updated with news, videos and more.