Studio Owner’s Dream Becomes A Reality With New Audient Desk

18th July 2022


“Today I can finally say that I have the studio that I dreamed of all my life,” says studio owner, Jonatan Montes Polack. Recently installing an Audient ASP8024-HE console in his Hard Record Studio based in a small town near Buenos Aires, he is convinced that the new desk has a lot to do with this. “I have received many compliments from musicians, producers and friends who cannot believe that this tremendous console is in a place as small as Arrecifes. They can’t wait to hear the album mixes I’m producing.”



On ASP8024-HE console: “I fell in love at first sight!”



The British desk joins a vast array of equipment including keyboards, sequencers, instruments, amps and a host of analogue gear.  “I was always a big fan of analogue sound, that’s why the studio has quite a bit of it,” confesses Jonatan.



Hard Record Studio featuring its new Audient ASP8024-HE and ‘quite a bit’ of analogue gear



Originally coming across the Audient brand when his previous desk broke down, he bought himself an iD4 so he could continue working whilst his old desk was fixed. “It was the first time that I had held an Audient product in my hands. As soon as I looked at the package, the construction, the weight and design, I realised that it was really good. I was really impressed with the quality of the components and how substantial and sturdy it was.”



On iD4: “I was really impressed with the quality of the components”



Further investigation led him to local Audient retailer, Planeta Analógico and ultimately the ASP8024-HE console. “I fell in love at first sight! Daniel at Planeta Analógico told me about the desk’s advantages, its settings and the excellent price. I had no doubts about buying it instantly, because I already knew the quality standard of the brand.”



A selection of the vast collection of gear at Jonatan’s Hard Record Studio near Buenos Aires



Today we find a 24-channel ASP8024-HE console complete with integrated patchbay sitting at the heart of Hard Record Studio. “I like everything about this console. It looks really impressive and mixing with it is very pleasant. It commands all the equipment in my studio thanks to the versatility of the patchbay, the connections are really easy to make and the compressor is very good,” comments Jonatan.



“I have received many compliments from musicians, producers and friends”



An Audient fan through and through, he still owns that iD4 which he uses “to make small edits” and an Audient Nero for his studio monitoring.



Since it opened 13 years ago, Hard Record Studio has seen many different artists come through its doors. Jonatan has recorded a variety of genres from rock to folk music – and everything in between.  “Since the Audient console arrived, I have been producing a new artist called Fran Doyen. I see an incredible talent in him and a future in the music business. He is a pop and urban rhythm singer.”



Jonatan Montes sits at his new Audient mixing console
Hard Record Studio owner, Jonatan Montes Polack with his ASP8024-HE



When asked about how he sees his own future, he says: “I am motivated to continue working hard to reach my goals, and I have no doubt that this console will be part of that. Thank you very much for producing such quality tools and at really good costs. Thank you to Audient for existing!”



Thank YOU Jonatan for your love of music, life – and Audient!