Audient Supports The VoiceOver Network

9th August 2021


Audient is delighted to announce its recent partnership with The VoiceOver Network. As part of the pairing, Audient is contributing to the unique voice over industry Buzz magazine, the associated podcast and the monthly Voiceover Hour webinars as well as offering exclusive discounts to members.



“we are passionate about establishing relationships with the world’s leading brands”



Started back in 2013 by Rachel Naylor, The VoiceOver Network provides a friendly and supportive hub for voice over professionals of all levels to share and develop their expertise in this booming industry.





Audient’s Marketing Director, Andy Allen says, “We are proud to have partnered with The VoiceOver Network and look forward to working closely together in supporting the fast-growing VO community. With more content than ever being made, we are dedicated to ensuring all voice over artists have access to and understand the benefits of using professional grade audio products when recording.”



The VoiceOver Network Business Development Manager, Alan Shires (pictured, right) is equally happy with the arrangement. “I am exceptionally pleased to be in partnership with Audient. Here at The VoiceOver Network we are passionate about establishing relationships with the world’s leading brands for delivering top quality audio. Every voice over artist needs the ability to record and Audient is the solution to that need, so we are proud to have them join us as we endeavour to strengthen and support the voice over industry.”



Alan on iD14 (MKII) – “I am super pleased to have upgraded”



As with many of The VoiceOver Network team members, Alan works as a professional in the industry himself, having provided voice over for the BBC, Euro 2020 and Ford in the last few months.



It turns out Alan is already a fan of Audient, having got himself an iD14 (MKII) audio interface recently. He says, “What I have found is that cheaper mics work nicely with cheaper interfaces. However, my last interface just did not take my more expensive Neumann TLM 103 microphone in the same way as iD14 does. I am super pleased to have upgraded.”



Audient is thrilled to hear that.



The VoiceOver Network is also offering Audient fans a free trial to join their membership which provides a host of benefits. Simply click on this link  and enter the coupon code ‘’Audient’’.



Alan Shires’ vocal booth with its iD14 (MKII) audio interface
The VoiceOver Network’s Alan Shires with his Audient iD14 (MKII)