Audient Adds Keys To Its Creative Hub ARC

1st June 2020

There are two new additions to the Audient Creative Hub, ARC: M-Tron Pro LE software as well as $60 worth of piano recordings from – both free of charge. Further enhancing the benefits available to current Audient and EVO owners who register their products, they are available immediately and through until 1st June 2021.



30 presets featuring the classic Mellotron sound



M-Tron Pro LE by GForce software is the industry standard emulation of the classic Mellotron, the unique tape playback keyboard originally manufactured in the UK in the early 1960s and made famous by such luminaries as The Beatles, Yes, Led Zeppelin and The Moody Blues. ARC users get 30 presets featuring the classic Mellotron sound, ranging from the iconic flutes on The Beatles’ Strawberry Fields Forever to the eerie strings on King Crimson’s Epitaph.






With, ARC registered users get at least 20 minutes of their own music recorded on an authentic grand piano, worth $60. Taking away the hassle of owning (mic-ing up, recording and maintaining) a piano, receives MIDI tracks via its 24 hour specifically designed and fully automated studio and returns them as a .wav file within minutes!



your music on a real piano



By registering a product on the website, every Audient user with a current product has access to a full range of free software which can provide a variety of enhancements to their recording, mixing and mastering experience – as well as education – absolutely free of charge. “It really is free stuff from Audient,” adds Andy. “More straight-forward and better value for our customers than vouchers.”






M-Tron and join Produce Like A Pro, TwoNotes, Waldorf Audio, Loopmasters, Steinberg and LANDR on Audient’s Creative Hub ARC, providing a comprehensive range of software and offers from some of the industry’s leading innovators.



“free stuff from Audient”



“Customers can get up and running right away by making the most of the creative tools available from ARC, simply by registering their product,” reiterates Andy. “It doesn’t matter if you’ve got an ASP8024 Heritage Edition console, the Nero monitor controller or an audio interface like iD14 or even the new EVO 4 – grab your serial number and click through,” says Andy, encouraging everybody to make the most of the ongoing offer.






Read more about each of the offers available to Audient – and EVO – users at ARC online.