‘Ultimate’ Home Studio Recording Compendium Released

21st février 2023


Everything you need to know about recording at home is now available in a comprehensive book: Home Studio Recording, The Complete Guide. Peppered with references to Audient’s console mic pres and audio interfaces, it was co-written by Warren Huart and Jerry Hammack, who have pooled their decades of audio recording knowledge and expertise to create the ‘ultimate guide’.




decades of audio recording knowledge and expertise – in one book




A long-time fan of Audient gear, producer and engineer Warren has been educating legions of subscribers to his TEC Award-winning Produce Like a Pro educational YouTube channel as well as via his Produce Like A Pro Academy and Pro Mix Academy. Co-author Jerry is also a producer as well as mixer, recording artist and author of the critically acclaimed series The Beatles Recording Reference Manuals.




Co-author, Warren Huart sitting at the ASP8024-HE mixing desk



Together they have produced this 450-page compendium of practical, applicable information for engineers and producers of any skill and knowledge level. It covers studio archetypes, home studio creation and optimisation, the stages of production (pre-production, recording, mixing, mastering and release), the gear and techniques needed at each stage and the roles of producers and engineers, plus legal and distribution considerations at the release stage.




Home Studio Recording co-author Jerry Hammack



As a leader in the progression to the new production norm, Warren is ideally positioned to advise the modern engineer on how to succeed and excel. “I started touring professionally at 16 years old as a musician. I was literally the musician that was recording his own demos, then recording his own band, and eventually recording major label artists on gold and platinum projects. I’ve worked in the big studios, but I’ve always owned a home recording studio.



“I’m still working in traditional studios,” he says, “but 95% of my work is in my home studio. And that is true with every single producer and engineer I know.”




Home Studio Recording – The Complete Guide available now



Home Studio Recording can be read end-to-end as a logical progression for building a sweeping recording knowledge base, or, by way of its exhaustive index, it can provide immediate answers to burning questions in the heat of production.



Get your hands on a copy at homestudiorecording.com.