Charlie Simpson Reveals His Recording Process In Audient Interview

14th novembre 2022


We’ve released an interview video with multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Charlie Simpson (Busted, Fightstar), which was filmed at his Surrey-based studio.  In it he reveals his recording process, whilst outlining what he’s learnt since he set up his own studio space.






“I’d always wanted to build a studio. It was one of those things I’d kept dreaming of in the future,” says Charlie when Audient visited earlier this year. “When lockdown happened, I just thought […] I’d use it as a vehicle to make my own record.”



“I’d always wanted to build a studio”



So that’s exactly what he did.  He took full advantage of lockdown and built Komorebi Studios from scratch, as well as learning as much as he could about sound engineering along the way.




Compact recording studio with Audient mixing console
Where the magic happens – Charlie Simpson’s Komorebi Studios with ASP4816



His last album, Hope Is A Drug was the result of over two years’ work – and the first time he has taken the lead in production. It was recorded entirely using his Audient ASP4816, and, according to Charlie, “the most vulnerable record I’ve released.”



“the vocal is the most important thing”



In this behind-the-scenes chat with Audient, Charlie describes how he builds a track instrumentally. We find out how he uses his ASP4816 to make his drums sound like they’re in a huge room (they’re not), what order he records his instruments in and how he knows a track is actually finished!




Charlie plays his guitar in his studio, sitting at Audient mixing desk
Multi-instrumentalist & songwriter Charlie Simpson



Although he can be prone to get quite technical whilst working on the individual parts of a song during recording, Charlie is clear where the ultimate priority lies. “I’m always keeping in mind that the vocal is the most important thing,” he says. “You’ve got to check yourself sometimes and pull yourself back. You can spend so long doing things that in the grand scheme of things won’t make a big difference!”






To find out more about Charlie and his studio, check out the interview we did with him back in April 2021, whilst he was getting acquainted with his new Audient ASP4816 mixing console.



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