Mash P Receives Audient Scholarship To Study At ICMP

11th juillet 2022


Mash P is getting a hands-on, practical introduction to the world of production thanks to the Audient sponsorship at ICMP. Enrolled on the six-month Music Production & Sound Engineering course, he is building on his burgeoning talent as a musician. He even performed at the Glastonbury Festival this year, celebrating the release of his latest music.



“Music can’t judge me. The only thing I had was music. Music saved my life”



“I want to say thank you to ICMP for the environment, the equipment, studios and the space for people like me to learn,” he says. “Also, thank you for the equipment given to me from my Audient sponsorship.” Audient provided him with the EVO Start Recording Bundle, which includes EVO 4 audio interface, the EVO SR1 Condenser Mic and EVO SR2000 Monitoring Headphones.




Mash P sits at the ASP8024-HE console at ICMP



Mash, whose given name is Nathaniel Sesay, was captured by civil war rebels when he was nine in his native Sierra Leone. After the brutal civil war was over, he was completely rejected by family and friends and had to spend 12 years living on the streets of Freetown. When he started writing music his alter-ego Mash P was born.



“ICMP gives me more courage and energy.  Now I believe my dream is coming true”



“Doing music keeps me alive. I forget about my past. Music can’t judge me. The only thing I had was music. Music saved my life,” he says. He is getting so much out of his studies in the UK, he said he’d like to do more courses in the future. “It’s a pleasure to be in the school. I want to say thanks to the tutors and staff for their encouragement, as they are really helpful.






“ICMP gives me more courage and energy. Now I believe my dream is coming true,” he says. “This is what heals me. I just want to be accepted into the community for my musical talent, so I am really happy about this ICMP course.”







Mash is blogging about his experiences at ICMP and you can read the first one here. Learn more about Mash P here. Listen to his latest track Feeling The Beat.



Audient wishes him every success.



Mash P at Glastonbury
Mash P celebrates the release of his new music by performing at Glastonbury