iD14 Mic Preamp Quality Praised By Top Spanish Podcaster

31st janvier 2022


Leading company in ‘personal productivity’, KENSO is all about ‘maximising your time, energy and results’ according to its website. That is exactly what co-founder Enrique Gonzalo had in mind when he chose iD14 to record the associated podcast, ensuring it soothes the ears as well as the soul.



the Audient iD14 mic pres “give us a clear and close sound”



“We wanted to approach personal productivity from a closer, more people-centred point of view, and what better way than a podcast?” he says.  Now approaching its 200th episode, Enrique confirms, “We have used Audient interfaces from the beginning and have continued with the same recording equipment ever since,” His gear list now includes two iD14 MKIIs to go with the original Audient iD14. All of these feature the Audient console mic preamp, the same discrete circuit design found in the large format ASP8024-HE recording console.



When asked which features he most enjoys, he is quick to answer: “The quality of the preamps, which give us a clear and close sound. They’re also really easy to use.” The latter is important, as each of the three hosts lives in a different city in Spain, and needs to be comfortable using the equipment.




KENSO podcast host with Audient iD14 (MKII) audio interface
Enrique Gonzalo, co-founder of KENSO with his iD14 (MKII)



KENSO podcast: gear

Zencastr is their digital platform of choice, which, together with the hardware – a Rode Procaster mic, Vovox cable, “and of course the wonderful iD14 MKII interface” – is all each of them needs. “We have guests every two weeks, and that’s where the difference between our sound quality and theirs is most noticeable,” laments Enrique.



iD14 is “really easy to use”



Consistently ranked in the top 100 Spanish speaking podcasts list, KENSO sits at number 23 right now, synchronous with New Year’s resolutions. “It’s an honour to be able to share the spot with some of the most important programmes in Spain,” he says.



Enrique started the umbrella company, KENSO together with Jeroen Sangers and Raul Hernandez. It offers solutions to ‘take back the reins of your personal and professional life’ through online courses, company workshops and coaching.



Their online courses also involve Audient iD14s and ensure the audio is spot on. “We use the audio loop-back feature to record our online content,” he confirms. This enables them to record the computer audio on a separate channel to the microphone, which gives them more control when editing the content afterwards.



About KENSO podcast host Enrique

With a strong human resources background, Enrique has held significant roles and  led international teams at large corporations such as HP, Applied Biosystems and Life Technologies. Always striving to boost his productivity and keen to help others reach their potential, he decided to go it alone. “Since 2011 I have dedicated myself exclusively to companies that I have founded,” he explains. Hightrack, the award-winning productivity app with more than 50,000 users, is one of his, along with KENSO.



Seeing as productivity is his passion these days, we asked him for a tip especially for Audient News readers. “Sure! Ask yourself, if I could only do one thing exceptionally well today, what would it be? The answer will help you prioritise and keep your goals clear.”



Find KENSO online, on Twitter, on YouTube and of course via the podcast medium of your choice.