Audient Helps Red Bull Studios Amsterdam Give You Wings

10th diciembre 2015

Free use of fully spec’d studios – a rare phenomenon. Yet that’s exactly what the Red Bull Studios offers, and in the group’s Amsterdam facility this includes a large format Audient ASP8024 mixing console with 36 channels, Dual Layer Control and integrated patchbay. A host of talented local and international artists from a very wide range of musical genres come through its doors, and according to studio manager Jasper Cremers, it’s a place where “anything is possible”.



The recording studios are booked up until the end of the year, so these unique opportunities are certainly being put to good use. Audient caught up with Jasper after the annual Amsterdam Dance Event (when the studios are opened up to all artists in town) and asked him about the inspiration behind the Red Bull Studios project.



The idea behind Red Bull Studios is creating a place for musicians and artists where they can create whatever they want; anything is possible. Since we offer the studios free of charge, the artists that come here are free from any obligations – and that’s when the creativity starts flowing. Our motto is ‘giving wings to artists’ and with our studios we aim to do just that.



What kind of artists have visited the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam since it opened?


The best thing about the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam is that we really encounter a diverse array of musical genres. Amsterdam is known for the Amsterdam Dance Event so there’s a very strong electronic music scene in this country, but there’s also a huge band culture here. And let’s not forget the big hip hop scene in all its forms.



The list of artists goes from Mayer Hawthorne and Dennis Ferrer to Diplo with Ghostface Killah in between. Very diverse.



“The best thing about the Audient is reliability.”



Is it all about recording, or are there live gigs as well?


We definitely facilitate live events. Our live room is big enough to host some showcases and exclusive gigs in an intimate setting.




Tony Allen at Red Bull Studios
Tony Allen at Red Bull Studios



What benefits does the Audient console bring to the Red Bull Studios Amsterdam project?


The Audient is our second console. The first console was a vintage one. Looked great but the maintenance was high on that baby. The best thing about the Audient is reliability. You don’t want to get in a situations where you need to stop recording because the console isn’t working properly. That’s a killer for every studio and engineer. Our Audient took away that concern.



Plus it sounds great 🙂



“it’s a very flexible desk, great workflow and very easy to use.”



Why was the Audient chosen in particular?


The Audient was chosen because of the quality it offered for that price. Plus it’s a very flexible desk, great workflow and very easy to use. It’s not intimidating like older and bigger consoles can sometimes be.


Due to the diversity in genres we have in our studio, we wanted a neutral sounding desk that could go in any direction.




Gerson Main
Gerson at Red Bull Studios

What’s coming up for the Red Bull Studios in Amsterdam in the next few weeks?


Our studio is fully booked till the end of the year…we are already preparing for 2016!! We have big plans ahead!



Red Bull Studios gives a lot of young people the opportunity to work in a big studio with a large format console. How important do you think that this is for emerging artists?



Very important. Even in this digital age we see that a lot of software and their interfaces are based on analog gear like console etc. It gives them the opportunity to work with the real deal.




What would you tell an artist who’s considering using Red Bull Studios for the first time?


Come prepared and use your imagination!



“[The Audient desk] gives them the opportunity to work with the real deal.”



You seem to be running workshops and courses there too, can you tell us more about that?


We are always looking for ways to support artists. One way to do this is offering them a place to create, the other way to do this is offering them guidance and information. It’s been in the DNA of the Red Bull music projects like the Red Bull Music Academy to help and inspire young artists by offering lectures and workshops, where like-minded people come and talk about music, technology and the industry.



What opportunities do young producers have with Red Bull Studios?


The have the opportunity to enhance themselves. All we can do is offer them the tools to grow, the rest is up to them…