Heritage Installed in Major Studio Complex in Shanghai

3rd April 2017

Audient is pleased to announce that the first ASP8024 Heritage Edition console to arrive in China has been installed at Shanghai’s Music King Studio. Sitting at the heart of the upgraded studio complex, the 24-channel British analogue console completes the studio’s upgrade, which has seen a number of prestigious clients pass through its doors.




Live Room – Music King Studio



Associated with Sing! China and The Voice of China, Music King Studio boasts a healthy list of engineers and clients. “Others who use our studio – or are affiliated with our engineers – are Luca Bignardi, Anthony Kilhoffer, Kanye West, Jay Chou, James Li, Vicki Zhao, Jeno Liu, Della, Darren Wang and lots more,” clarifies Marketing Manager, Mr Lin.



“It has improved the sound quality hugely”



One of the champions of the flagship desk with was mix engineer Weiwei Jin, who used Music King Studio for recording and mastering the sound effects for the opening ceremony of Shanghai Disney Resort. “Disney is now turning into a regular client,” says Mr Lin.




Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition at Music King Studio




Originally designed to be a mastering studio operating solely in the digital domain, the installation of the Heritage with Dual Layer Control (DLC) has transformed it into a hybrid setup – a good decision, believes Mr Lin. “It has improved the sound quality hugely and is very easy to work with,” he says.



This praise is substantiated by Music King Studio’s engineers, one of whom, Red, says: “The intuitive layout is really user-friendly, which can actually reduce the burden of recording and mastering.”



“The Audient ASP8024-HE is the dream piece of all the producers”



Comprising a live room, control room and vocal booth, the upgraded studio and its new addition have already had the seal of approval from Music King Studio’s Mr Ming, who says, “The Audient ASP8024-HE is the dream piece of all the producers,” adding, “Not only is it great-looking and easy to use, but the master section is outstanding.”






The studio itself is in a beautiful old-style building, nestled in a surprisingly leafy area in the heart of Shanghai, just a stone’s throw from the French colonial area.




Music King Studio in surprisingly leafy Shanghai