Latvian Music Education Gets A Refresh With Help From Audient

30th janvier 2023


Audient’s iD4 and the EVO Start Recording Bundle (EVO SRB) are both part of a new initiative for music education in Latvia that was introduced at the end of last year. Spearheaded by prominent Latvian musician, songwriter and producer Agnese Rakovska, the Zvaigznaja Klase (Star Class) project aims to reinvigorate high school music lessons across the country.



“Students are saying that the gear is easy to use”



Currently, music classes comprise singing, music theory and history. Agnese wants music lessons to be accessible and interesting to everybody – even if they haven’t got a great voice. “If you don’t feel that strong in singing, maybe you can sit at the computer, maybe that’s the right role,” she told Latvian TV station, LSM at the time.




Girl sits with her back to the camera whilst working at a desk on a computer with music tech gear around her
A student at Jūrmala State Gymnasium in Riga with Audient iD4 – and EVO headphones



Agnese works closely with Audient’s Latvian partner, Rock Distribution, which has supplied the iD4 audio interface and EVO SRB (comprising EVO 4, headphones and microphone) for the project.



By bringing music technology into the classroom, Agnese and her team from the music platform Zvaigznajs believe this will promote students’ creativity as well as open up opportunities for them when they leave school. “The music industry and the creative industry in general is a very broad field. And that’s why through music lessons, as they are here, I want these young people to be prepared for that big leap,” she said.




Jūrmala State Gymnasium where the Zvaigznaja Klase music education project was introduced



Rock Distribution’s CEO, Edijs Rudzis says feedback has already been positive. “Students are saying that the gear is easy to use and there has also been interest in testing out a home studio setup.”



Agnese Rakovska wants to promote students’ creativity with Zvaigznaja Klase



iD4 is an award-winning 2in / 2out audio interface equipped with an Audient console mic preamp, class leading converters and a JFET instrument input. Popular in schools and colleges around the world, iD4s are chosen not only for their professional sound, but also because they are reliable and robust. Educators at BIMM in the UK, CAMP Academy in Italy and Pearlbay Institute in India can all attest to that.






Introduced in Jūrmala State Gymnasium in November, the project may be in its early stages but it is quickly gaining momentum. December saw the first training sessions for teachers and the new format lessons are up and running in four schools already. The plan is to roll out the program in at least twenty schools this year.



Audient is proud to be part of the tide change in Latvian music education and looks forward to seeing how it all goes.




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