Lisa Kwei Receives Audient Scholarship to Study at ICMP

1st novembre 2021


Audient is pleased to support up-and-coming artist Lisa Kwei as she embarks on the six-month Music & Production course at ICMP. Lisa joins the part-time programme to learn the essentials of production and sound engineering. To help her achieve that goal, Audient has also provided her with the EVO Start Recording Bundle, which includes EVO 4 audio interface, the EVO SR1 Condenser Mic and EVO SR2000 Monitoring Headphones.


“I’m delighted to be doing this through the Audient sponsorship”



“The global pandemic hit many musicians hard, so it’s great that we can help facilitate Lisa’s study at the prestigious ICMP,” says Audient’s marketing director, Andy Allen. Lisa has already enjoyed some music industry success as a live performer and recording artist, releasing two solo albums to date.



Recipient of Audient Scholarship at ICMP, Lisa Kwei
Lisa Kwei



Commenting on joining the course, Lisa said, “During lockdown I was so frustrated as an artist. I’ve made two of my own albums, but I’ve always recorded in studios. Of course, when Covid hit they were shut – but I was ready to do a third album.



“I was thinking I need to be able to record my music myself and that’s when I discovered this six-month course. It seemed like the perfect way to further my career and discover a new area of music. I’m delighted to be doing this through the Audient sponsorship.”



She’s particularly pleased at how easy the EVO SRB was to set up, describing it as “calming and pleasing to a creative who’s not used to recording themselves”. She adds, “The quality of the headphones is wonderful and I never knew I could have such a great sounding mic in my home.”



“I never knew I could have such a great sounding mic in my home”



The six-month course at this London educational facility offers an opportunity to develop studio craft and confidence in working within a professional studio environment. The students will learn technical elements including microphone placement, studio signal routing and managing a mixing console.

EVO SRB provided for Audient Scholarship recipient, Lisa Kwei
EVO Start Recording Bundle: headphones, mic and EVO4 audio interface


On her reasons for studying, Lisa said: “Studying on the course is about empowering myself. I’ve always had autonomy around the sound of my music and its direction, but I hope studying will give me the chance to learn how to record it, put it together and mix it.





“I have ambitions to set up my own label, work with other artists and potentially record them too. I’m hoping this is the start of a journey where I will be able to do everything myself and inspire female artists to take this DIY route too.”



The flagship Studio 1 at ICMP features the renowned ASP8024 Heritage Edition large format console at its heart.



For further details, follow Audient Scholarship recipient, Lisa Kwei on Facebook and have a read of her blog, where she documents her experience at ICMP.