Audient Helps Teach From The Ground Up at Major California University

28th octobre 2019

California State University, Chico has recently installed a 24-channel ASP8024-HE mixing console, upgrading its facilities to ensure students continue to get the comprehensive music and audio engineering learning experience they expect.



“I’ve never heard one bad thing about Audient consoles”



Dann Sargent, Recording Arts Program Coordinator explains the setup. “We run 24/7 with two full studios, one mix/dub studio, two mix/edit suites and one electronic music studio, along with a mobile recording studio and live sound system(s). We work every acoustic environment you would want from dry booths to our new chamber concert hall.”




Recording Arts program coordinator, Dann Sargent oversees students working at the ASP8024-HE console at Chico State



The new Audient desk has been installed in the dub studio, where Recording Arts students start their journey learning the rudiments of audio and signal flow. Dann describes it as a stepping stone: “This console better prepares students to confidently grow into working with more complex systems.” Advanced students can also be found in this studio working on production editing and mixes.



What else was it about the British console that stood out to Dann? “It has many of the things you’d expect a console of this size would have. Bus matrix, in-line processing, 2-bus processing, full featured monitoring and foldback. I also like that it’s a large console, which allows multiple students to work at it and learn at the same time. And – it sounds great.”



Of course he had to keep an eye on the budget, when choosing a new desk. It so happens that the ASP8024 Heritage Edition comes in very well on cost. “It’s a large format analogue recording console that doesn’t cost me half a million dollars!” As far as potential maintenance costs go, Dann did his research. “I’ve never heard one bad thing about Audient consoles.”






After a painless install – “Once the console was in the room, it took us less than a day to get up and running” – initial reactions have been positive.  “Everyone really enjoys it. It’s easy to teach and easy for students to learn the fundamentals of signal flow. Students love both the workflow and look of the console. The walnut trim is a really nice touch, as well.”



“It’s easy to teach and easy for students to learn the fundamentals of signal flow”



So it doesn’t only sound good, it also looks the part. “I give tours all the time and prospective students are equally impressed with the ASP8024-HE as they are with the Duality!” says Dann.







All Recording Arts students will get to work on this console throughout the year – that’s 150 pairs of hands. “Three times that many will have eyes and ears on it as well!” he adds. “With the studios available around the clock, students are already seeking out the ASP8024-HE to book.”



“With the studios available around the clock, students are already seeking out the ASP8024-HE to book”



After nearly 30 years of educating students in music and audio recording, the focus of the Recording Arts program at Chico State remains strong: to build a solid foundation in the myriad of skills necessary to have a successful career in the music industry. “We’re always looking to grow and evolve along with our industry. As faculty, we’re engineers and musicians ourselves. We relish the opportunity to bring in new curriculum such as VR, Dolby Atmos, and the reintroduction of ambisonics into modern workflows.




Audient ASP8024-HE takes pride of place in the mix/dub studio at Chico State



“At the same time, we pride ourselves on the fact the students learn fundamental, lifelong audio skills that transcend consoles or DAWs. Delivery mediums will always change but great music needs great gear and great ears,” continues Dann.



As for the future? “We’re looking forward to the ASP8024-HE serving our program for years. The true test for the longevity of a console is to put it in the hands of students!”



Absolutely. Luckily Audient consoles are built to last. Here’s to a great year, Dann!