iD44: Best In Show

28th février 2018

Did we tell you iD44 received the MusicRadar award for Best Studio Gear at NAMM this year? We are very chuffed about it.



According to the MusicRadar website, their team of experts picked out the soon-to-be-shipping iD44 audio interface as one of their “hotly contested NAMM 2018 awards.”



Here’s what else they said: “Audient has already impressed in the desktop audio interface market with the iD4, iD14 and iD22, and now it’s setting its sights on the slightly higher end with the iD44. This offers four Audient Class-A mic pres that deliver 60db of gain, and options for digital expansion. It might not be revolutionary, but it’s super-classy.”



Look, they’ve even given us a badge! Thanks guys.