Audient USB Audio Interfaces On Site At Camp Academy

23rd octubre 2017


Brand new Italian music education facility, CAMP Academy took delivery of a selection of Audient’s USB audio interfaces this year, where they have quickly become an intrinsic part of the teaching process. “We have connected the iD4s to our twelve iMac stations to provide all of our students a perfect sonic experience, and the two iD22s are now part of our recording and production studio,” explains Luca de Gregorio, Music Production and Sound Technologies Director.



“The interfaces are simple to use and easy to understand.”



A graduate of Milan’s SAE Institute as well as being active in the industry – he’s currently working on Asif Kapadia’s latest movie – means de Gregorio is ideally positioned to know how to inspire his students. “The interfaces are simple to use and easy to understand. The students simply plug them in and start to work,” he says. “We connected each iD4 to an iMac, and use them to train students mainly on Logic Pro X. They can record some live vocals and instruments taking advantage of the several inputs, and then mix their tracks.”




Students at Camp Academy in Naples, Italy using the Audient iD4 USB audio interfaces



Both iD4 and iD22 provide a pair of Audient console mic pres, class-leading converter technology and high-end audio performance in a compact, elegant desktop package. Exactly right for a forward-thinking educational facility offering Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance, Media Production and Music for Media courses.



“We trained over 400 students this year”



CAMP (Creative Arts & Music Production) Academy was the brainchild of Davide Niespolo, co-owner of Italian national network Radio Kiss Kiss, and now CEO/General Manager of the school, which occupies a 2800 sqm premises. His vision was to create a hub for the creative arts, where budding performers and producers could hone their skills for a broad range of work in the music business. “We trained over 400 students this year – next year is going to be even more crowded,” says de Gregorio, proudly.







Niespolo uses his links with the radio station – one of the biggest in Italy – to promote the Academy’s courses and teaching methodology across the country. Happily, this help goes both ways: “Radio techs are using Audient interfaces for editing and post production, and we recently used them to broadcast our school’s last day concert.”






The audio interfaces were supplied by Audient distributor Leading Technologies.