Audient keeps Lito’s Place on Top of Film Work

4th julio 2016

ADR sessions for David Ayer’s new action film, Fury, starring Brad Pitt, were held at Lito’s Place in Malta, where postproduction of Antonias Banderas’ forthcoming The 33 had also taken place. The projects coincided with the addition of Audient gear to the studio.



Lito’s Place Owner Manolito ‘Lito’ Galea opened his first studio in Malta in 1990: ‘Last year’s refurbishment included the installation of the Audient ASP4816 console in our control room,’ he says. ‘We are just finalising the new Pro Tools HD set-up, which is to be coupled with the Audient ASP510 surround sound monitor controller. And we have just opened a new transfer room which features the Audient USB iD22 AD/DA interface.’




Manolito at his ASP4816



With the transfer room in which vintage analogue machines such as a Revox PR-99 and B77 reel-to-reel recorders can be found, Galea and his team are currently working on the transfer and restoration of reels belonging to the Malta National Archives.



Although diversification into other markets – the film industry and restoration projects – is important for business development, Gale regards music production to be at the top of the agenda: ‘Our latest project is the re-production of the song ‘Warrior’, the Malta entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2015,’ he says.



‘Lito’s Place is made up of a team of dedicated ADR engineers, foreign music producers, plus foreign and local musicians, recording and mixing engineers. Together with Audient equipment, this enables us to meet all our clients’ requirements. We look ahead to a bright future and more Audient equipment at Lito’s Place,’ he concludes.

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