Audient’s Upgraded ASP4816-HE & New Look ASP4816-SE Now Shipping

1st septiembre 2022


Audient is delighted to announce that the ASP4816 Heritage Edition console is ready for shipping. Previewed back in June at this year’s NAMM show, it features a brand new look and a few more tricks up its sleeve, inspired by its larger counterpart: Audient’s flagship console, ASP8024-HE



“the perfect centre-piece for production studios”



Marketing director, Andy Allen says: “Designed from the ground up by David Dearden and featuring his legendary analogue circuitry, the ASP4816-HE is the perfect centre-piece for production studios.” Upgrades include Vintage Mix Bus processing, John Hardy Op Amps on the mix bus output, powerful new additions to the Mix Bus Compressor – and much more.



“The addition of the Vintage Mix Bus gives our customers the flexibility to add that much coveted analogue colour to their mixes and when utilised in tandem with the Mix Bus Compressor, they are the perfect tools to add the finishing touches to your mix,” explains Andy. Featuring a real Transformer Drive alongside a Low Bump and High Lift EQ – inspired by classic mastering equalisers of yesteryear – they allow for wider, more spacious mix bus tones.




Engineer at mixing console - now shipping



Another enhancement – also found on the ASP8024-HE – is the bus compressor Bass Expand feature. According to Andy, “This brand new high pass filter in the compressors’ side chain tightens up your mixes and adds punch without destroying your low end.”



48 Inputs and 16 Console Mic Pres



The mix bus summing amplifiers have also been significantly upgraded to the renowned American John Hardy 990 discrete transistor amplifiers. “These offer increased dynamics, sweet spot and punch, ensuring your mix bus benefits from total clarity with a little bit of character,” says Andy.



Further improvements to ASP4816-HE include the addition of a monitoring grade headphone amplifier; latching footswitch triggers for remote, hands-free talkback; an all metal main output pot and a gain reduction VU meter.




mixing console - ASP4816 now shipping


Shipping at the same time is the standard ASP4816-SE, which has had its own aesthetic redesign. With 48 inputs and 16 Console mic pres – the same as those in ASP8024-HE and across the entire Audient range – both of these inline consoles provide the versatility and sound of a large format recording console but in a compact, space-conscious package.



“versatility and sound of a large format recording console […] in a compact, space-conscious package”



“They both sport a new colourway, all-new cool-white metering, easy to read labelling and a stylish, UK handmade wooden armrest,” explains Andy, indicating their new looks and ease of navigation. “With ASP4816-SE we wanted to add value to our smallest console and provide a better user experience, without affecting its affordability.”

Back view of audio mixing console - ASP4816 now shipping


Audient is also showcasing the new desks with a series of high quality Feature Overview videos, which give potential buyers a clear idea of the desk before committing to a purchase.



As well as their versatile array of connectivity, the signal conditioning, routing, summing, processing and monitoring capability of both the HE and SE make them suitable for both professional and project studios. For the full, detailed list of features – as well as a comparison table of the two consoles – have a look around! ASP4816-SE or ASP4816-HE.