LA Philharmonic Records String Ensemble Library with Audient Mic Pres

27th junio 2022


Grammy nominated pianist, Markus Burger at a Boesendorfer piano

Markus Burger, Coordinator of Music Technology at Fullerton College has recently overseen the recording of a string ensemble library album by LA Philharmonic with composer/director Yuval Schrem, using a portable recording rig which included 32 channels of Audient mic pres. Comprising two ASP880s and two ASP800 8-channel units alongside an interface, this rig is used for a range of applications. This particular recording is currently being mixed and is due to be released at the end of the year.



“The Audient mic pres are bullet proof” – Markus Burger



“We took a mixture of Audient and Neve preamps with us this time so we had a variety of recordings to choose from,” explains Markus, confirming that the recording went without a hitch. “The Audient mic pres are bullet proof. We’ve never had any issues with them in all the years that we have had them.”



A consistent champion of Audient, Markus was instrumental in choosing the large format ASP8024 mixing console for Fullerton College back in 2016 and is looking to add a further two mic pre units from Audient and grow the department in the coming months.  “The plan is to expand our course offering to include sound reinforcement and live recordings,” he explains, adding hopefully, “We would love to get a smaller Audient console, too.” He doesn’t take anything for granted, however. “Colleges like Fullerton don’t have money to throw away. We have to think in terms of investing in kit that lasts for ten or more years. When it comes to longevity and bang for your buck, you’d be hard pressed to do better than Audient.”



“They sound great for jazz, classical and pop music alike and offer great value for money.”



Markus swears by the British brand. He describes the mic pres: “They sound great for jazz, classical and pop music alike and offer great value for money. They are clean, transparent and breathe without forcing too much colour onto any given recorded sound, and yet still have that real analogue warmth.”




Mobile recording rig featuring ASP800 and ASP880 8-channel mic pres by Audient



He certainly knows what he’s talking about. A studio engineer, composer and a Grammy nominated pianist himself, his own personal technology collection includes an ASP880 and iD4 audio interface. Indeed, his latest album The Vienna Sessions released in February of this year, was recorded at the Boesendorfer piano showroom using a mixture of Microtech Gefell and DPA microphones and Audient mic pres.


“I think Audient is just everything a musician on the go needs.”



“Every time we travel we always take an Audient 8-channel mic pre with us,” he says. “I think Audient is just everything a musician on the go needs.”



He’ll be taking it to forthcoming concerts in Italy, Hamburg and Berlin, then using it again later in the year to record another ambient piano album. “Many college courses focus on ‘dead’ music, but I like to prove that live recordings are very in now.”



Audient looks forward to hearing them!