World Renowned Photographer Adds iD14 (MKII) To His Setup

29th marzo 2021


Audient was delighted to discover the first owner image of Audient’s iD14 (MKII) to appear on Instagram was taken by photographer and producer, Kristian Dowling. Posted very soon after the launch of the audio interface, the image was so arresting that Audient felt it warranted further investigation.




“It’s incredible to have such high-end quality in something so small and affordable.”




Audient discovered that Kristian is a top global celebrity entertainment photographer boasting over 50k of his own stock photos on Getty images alone. With a reputation for capturing images of the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and sports – Katy Perry was so impressed she took him on tour with her – it’s no wonder his iD14 (MKII) looked so good!







Updating his own audio setup, Kristian’s new Audient audio interface replaces a first generation iD14, which he uses to record voice overs for YouTube and other productions. He’s very happy with the brand, citing “the quality it delivers for this price point” as one of the reasons he was drawn to Audient.  “It’s incredible to have such high-end quality in something so small and affordable. It’s also very easy to use which is great for audio newbies like myself.




“I love that it’s now USB-C bus powered”




“I was excited to see the new model that improves on so many small but significant things.” He is referring to the iD14 (MKII)’s increased dynamic range – 126dB on the DACs and 120dB on the ADCs – as well as its dual headphone outputs and two extra line outputs.




Leica ambassador, Kristian Dowling at his work station with iD14 (MKII)




“I love that it’s now USB-C bus powered,” says Kristian, highlighting that the iD14 (MKII) is powered directly from the computer, rather than needing a power outlet. “While I don’t necessarily ‘need’ it, it makes the kit more portable and easier to set up. I also really love the new space grey colour and new logo which makes it look much more contemporary and matches my existing Apple equipment.”  His minimalist setup also includes the Sennheiser MKH416 mic and a set of Yamaha HS7 speakers.




“I take my choice of equipment very seriously, for both audio and visual.”




His upgrade to the iD14 (MKII) comes at a time when he himself is venturing into the production of more audio and video content. “This is a newish direction for me, but something I’m focusing on more these days,” he says. Indeed, his most recent production is a promotional video he’s made for Leica in his capacity as the legendary camera manufacturer’s ambassador. “I work with their new SL2-S camera, and was asked to make a video and provide proof of performance. It’s all part of my role, and I take my choice of equipment very seriously, for both audio and visual.”



Kristian is well known for his flexibility and understanding of light, as well as his ability to capture cinematic-style images as showcased in The Ballet Story (see above) which was released this month.




Camera, keyboard and Audient iD14 (MKII)
The original photograph by Kristian Dowling – the first iD14 (MKII) owner image to be posted on Instagram




Whilst enjoying making videos, he has no intention of giving up photography any time soon. “I see myself continuing to work with stills predominantly, because I know that’s where my passion lies. I will be pursuing opportunities that I’m passionate about.” This includes running seminars and workshops for photography enthusiasts and offering personalised coaching sessions. He also has a few more YouTube videos in the pipeline, too.



To find out about everything he’s up to, keep an eye on his socials here: Instagram, YouTube and of course his website.  Audient can’t wait to see (and hear) more.