Classic ASP8024 Refurbed For LA Studio ‘One Fader At A Time’

30th septiembre 2019


“I had zero plans of opening a studio,” admits Chris ‘Monty’ Montgomery, who bought a 36-channel classic ASP8024 on eBay whilst living in a tiny flat in New York back in 2015. “Owning a 10-foot long analogue console had no place in my life.” And so begins the tale of how a battered, unloved Audient desk ended up being the striking centrepiece of a brand new enterprise in Los Angeles.




Chris Montgomery at the Audient ASP8024 desk he painstakingly restored



According to the eBay description, the desk was in “perfect working condition” but when he came to open the crate, Monty found this could not have been further from the truth. “Audio wouldn’t pass through any channel for more than a few seconds before dropping out and almost every knob and switch was unusable. I cannot describe how upset and disappointed I was,” he said. “The desk had clearly been severely mistreated.”



ASP8024: striking centrepiece of a brand new enterprise in LA



Unperturbed, he spent all his spare time on it, poring over schematics and teaching himself electronics. “In time, I was able to follow a signal through the PCB and got better at pinpointing faulty electronic components.” He was thrilled to discover that the preamp/tape return modules from the new ASP8024 Heritage Edition would fit inside his legacy console.  His wife’s grandfather’s woodshop provided the materials for new side cheeks and meter bridge. “The results were incredible. I love how the console is now fully encased in this beautiful cherry wood which has some real family history. It gives a lovely vintage look to the board.”






In the meantime, Monty had decided to settle in LA, having partnered with his ex-boss from New York’s Dubway Studios to find premises for a west-coast studio space. “Fast forward almost two years, Al and I are opening Dubway West. And it just so happens that I have a beautiful board waiting to serve its purpose,” laughs Monty.



“It looks great and does its job incredibly well”



“I’m delighted to report that it’s now in a beautiful home and 100% fully functional. It looks great and does its job incredibly well,” he says, keen to acknowledge those who’ve helped him along the way – even overseas. “Throughout the entire process, Audient has been so incredibly helpful. I want to mention how especially grateful I am to Technical Support Manager, Daniel Mills. I bugged him daily and he managed to troubleshoot every issue correctly over the phone. He’s quite a genius.”






Monty is over the moon with how everything has come together. “This console is genuinely one of a kind. It’s a hybrid between an original ASP8024 and a Heritage Edition console. No other ASP8024 in the world has this cherry wood finish. It has become the centre of my entire studio workflow,” he says. “Since moving it into the new studio, it has been put through its paces with extensive string sessions, full rock band sessions and acting as a beautiful summing mixer on almost all of our projects. There are very few days in any given week that the board does not get used extensively.”



“…it has been put through its paces with extensive string sessions, full rock band sessions and acting as a beautiful summing mixer on almost all of our projects”



Indeed, one of his first projects he mixed on the console was a televised performance for Lady Antebellum, and since then he and his Audient have worked with OneRepublic, JessieJ and Hailee Steinfeld and on a host of TV broadcast music. “It’s pretty safe to say that our first few months have been very busy and it doesn’t look like things will be slowing down any time soon!”




The one-of-a-kind Audient ASP8024 at Dubway West studios



Audient thinks he’s probably right. We wish you and your rejuvenated, unique Audient desk all the best in your new venture at Dubway West!