Prolific YouTuber Covers ‘Astronomia’ Using iD4

23rd septiembre 2019

Music production is my hobby, my work, my passion!” says YouTuber, Koji Kobura who has generated over 46 million views by putting out weekly videos of simple, yet catchy EDM cover tracks recorded using his midi controller, his PC – and more recently, an Audient iD4 audio interface.






Inspired by other channels performing songs layer by layer, he has made the most of his simple setup and caught the attention of the general public, accumulating over a quarter of a million subscribers over the last two years. He admits that the addition of the Audient audio interface has had an immediate positive effect on his output. “Latency issues are gone,” he says, adding that annoying noises, clicks and pops are a thing of the past too. “Not anymore with the iD4!”



Koji Kobura: “Definitively, the iD4 is a simple, beautiful and powerful interface. I’m very happy with it”



In his recent video cover of Astronomia by Vicetone & Tony Igy (above), he demonstrates how he uses ScrollControl to control and automate his plug-ins, highlighting how straightforward it is to use in his productions. “ScrollControl is awesome. It’s very easy and convenient and looks really good in the videos. I use it mostly for automations and tweaking EQ parameters inside my DAW,” he says. “It gives me a more precise control and the feedback feels very nice.




Koji Kobura’s home setup: midi controller, PC and his Audient iD4 audio interface



“The ‘mute speakers’ button is very useful in my daily routine and the input audio quality is extraordinary,” he continues, also appreciating iD4 for its compact, portable size, “perfect for carrying in my backpack – and the build quality is amazing.”



“Latency issues are gone”



Recalling how he got started, Koji says: “When I found out you can make music using only a PC and a DAW (at home!) my head just blew up.” With a strong affinity for music and computers, he taught himself FL Studio and Ableton by watching other people’s YouTube tutorials – “a lot of tutorials. I was obsessed, I still am. I started my YouTube channel to practice what I have learnt and generate curiosity in people about music production,” he adds, which has clearly worked as demonstrated by his strong following.






Although much of his output is covers, Kobi has a ‘Work In Progress’ folder packed with his own music too. “I’ve been considering trying new ideas,” he says, buzzing with creativity. Also looking to add to his gear list, but as far as his audio interface goes, he says: “No complaints at all. Definitively, the iD4 is a simple, beautiful and powerful interface. I’m very happy with it.”



“the build quality is amazing”



He certainly didn’t need more than his simple setup, iD4 and a couple of beer cans to create this original track of his. Audient looks forward to seeing what else he comes up with!






Find out more about Koji Kobura by checking out his YouTube channel, and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.