Grammy Award Nominated X Producer Adds Audient

9th mars 2015

Grammy and Brit award nominated, and multi-platinum selling music producer, songwriter and all round great guy Jake Gosling has barely stopped since he shot to fame for ‘discovering’ Ed Sheeran, but Audient managed to catch a few minutes with him recently to hear why he loves his ASP880 8-channel mic pre and ADC, and find out that his dad played on Ed Sheeran’s last track, Thinking Out Loud!



Well done on your MPG award nomination this year, things are going well for you with Paloma Faith, Wiley, Ed Sheeran et al.  Ed’s all over the place these days – especially with the X album doing so well and Thinking Out Loud going platinum too. Congrats to both of you!    How has your work evolved over the last couple of years?


To be honest my work hasn’t really changed that much over the last couple of years.  I’m still very much interested in working with, and developing up-and-coming artists.  This is something I have always been passionate about and will continue to do. More recently I have been approached by more established artists, but as a rule it always has to be something that I really like.



ASP880: “simple to use”



You produced the Christina Perri track I Believe which is featured on the new Peter Pan movie coming out this summer. How did working on a track for a film differ from your usual method – if at all?


I had a lot of fun working on the track ‘I Believe’ which was recorded for Christina Perri’s album ‘Head or Heart’ but we never knew it was going to be picked up for a film.  It’s great news that it has been and is a great track so I am very happy for Christina.






Tell us about your current set up at Sticky Studios. How are you finding working with the ASP880 since its arrival? How has it improved your studio sessions?


The ASP880 has a wonderful true clarity to its sound.  I find it incredibly transparent, there is depth of frequency there but this doesn’t seem to complicate the true nature of what I am recording.  The ASP880 is very ergonomic in design and nature, and is simple to use. It’s important for me to record quickly especially with regards to writing.  I like to keep recording seamless, and to keep it simple. The ASP880 allows me to do this.



“a wonderful true clarity of sound”



Can you give us any tips to give to budding producers as to how they can improve their skills?


It’s very important to use references.  As a producer influences are everything.  Listening to artists and tracks that you like; learn, listen and try to emulate what you are hearing.  Experimentation is important and trying to think outside the box can be fun and of course making mistakes, which are invaluable tools for learning and help you to work out your sound and individuality.  Finally, don’t just stick to Presets; learn how a preset has been created and then build from scratch with modifications.  Have fun, enjoy and create.



What else are you working on at the moment? What are you most proud of doing more recently? Anything exciting in the pipeline that you can talk about?


Currently working and writing with artists such as James Bay, Tom Odell, Mr. Probz, Rhodes, Jake Isaac, All Time Low and many other new acts.



“ergonomic in design and nature”



Working on X and getting nominated for a Grammy and a Brit award and being the producer of Thinking Out Loud hearing it play on the radio and the fact that my dad is playing on the record meant so much.



Aside from that I am launching a new online platform for like-minded people to come and share their music and creative experiences called “STICKY HUB”, which is currently in development at the moment.  So keep your eyes peeled for more on that soon.



Audient loves that idea; it’s definitely something to look forward to hearing more about. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Jake!