Audient Improves User Experience With New Interface Finder

5th November 2019

Audient has developed a new online tool to make it easier for customers to choose which Audient audio interface best fits their needs.



“With our range of audio interfaces growing steadily and a mix of different options available, Audient understands that the decision-making process can be quite overwhelming. So we thought we’d help simplify the customer experience by developing this free interactive tool,” says Audient’s marketing director, Andy Allen.






“The interface finder has been designed to focus on the customer’s needs and recommend results based on their required practical application – no matter what their art form, whether an engineer, singer/songwriter, musician or even a content creator,” he says.






A few simple questions help find out how the interface will be used and which features are important to each individual. The final result is presented clearly and includes a list of the recommended interface’s features and how they are useful for the user.



“Save yourself some time, whilst taking comfort in the fact you’re picking the Audient interface that’s right for you,” says Andy. “Striving to improve customer experience is an area we are constantly working on, and adding the audio interface selector to our website is just another step towards making it quicker and easier for people to connect to Audient products.”






Click through to try the interface finder for yourself!