ASP008 Eight Channel Variable Impedance Microphone Preamplifier

The ASP008 is a compact, 1U rack mount unit featuring eight ultra high quality microphone preamplifiers developed from the renowned design used in the acclaimed ASP8024 recording console.

Where to buy?

ASP008 offers 8 channels of Audient’s premium mic pres packaged in a convenient 1U rack with digital output option for AES/ADAT. This provides the perfect upgrade for any user looking to step up to a world class quality of recording. Audient’s mic pres and A/D converters will bypass the mic pres and converters in your multi channel interface and bring warmth, clarity and punch to everything you record. Don’t take our word for it, get down to your local dealer and ask for a demo.

For a quick test, plug a bass guitar into the DI input and check out the solid bottom end, then plug in a decent mic, try out some quick vocals and listen to the dynamic subtleties you can capture with the ASP008 plus the amazing crispness of the top end. There is a fantastic smoothness to s and f sounds recorded through ASP008 and they are distinctly different from each other. Many traditional designs suffer from a blurring between s and f sounds making vocals much less present and distinct.

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