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Dual Layer Control


Dual Layer Control was designed to seamlessly integrate with your DAW and let you combine both your analogue and digital workflows on the ASP8024-HE - giving you complete hands on control over your mix or recording session.

DAW Control

DAW Control

Integrate with your DAW seamlessly

DLC provides you with a range of useful DAW control features available at your fingertips including 8 bankable faders, transport control, track record enable, pan control, aux sends and plug-in selection/editing, all of which enable you to navigate your session with ease.


DLC’s automated faders give you a wide range of creative options, whether you’re adding realistic and accurate vocal rides to your mix or simply bringing your drum group up in the chorus, DLC allows you to avoid staring at the screen and painstakingly drawing in your automation levels and instead lets you work fast and efficiently.


Pro Tools

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Compatible With:

Logic Pro X

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Cubase 9

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VCA Automation

VCA Automation

Get creative with your outboard

By utilising DLC’s 8 channels of VCA automation you add movement and finesse during your console mix balances. The VCAs can be individually routed to subgroups 1-8 or independent DB25 i/o that can be patched to any console insert point for creative use. Try riding your hardware compressed drum parallel in the chorus or automated pre/post insert effect for wild automated distortion control with your outboard gear.



Simple and intuitive control

DLC is connected via our proprietary Faderlink plug-in (64-Bit AAX, VST & Audio Units) to record, edit & recall 8-channels of VCA automation directly from your DAW session, providing visual automation of level and mute. DLC is connected via HUITM protocol. Supported DAW’s include: Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro X & Pro Tools.

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The Dual Layer Control Module

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Up Close and Personal

Take a look at DLC's front panel

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