Multi-Platinum Producer BRYVN Invests In Audient

27th mayo 2024


Audient got to catch up with the very cool, genre-spanning BRYVN – who goes by Bryan Yepes when he’s not a multi-platinum, multi-Billboard top charting, multi-GRAMMY nominated music producer & songwriter. Based in California, he’s worked with some of the biggest artists in the world including Trippie Red, Don Toliver, Young Thug, Kid Cudi, Juice WRLD & many more.


He’s also just become a dad for the third time, so he’s pretty busy on all fronts, but not too busy to update us with how much he’s enjoying using his Audient and EVO gear. 


Which – spoiler alert – is a lot.



Before we got to that however, we wanted to know how he got into the music business…


I have played guitar since I was 12 years old, so I have always loved the idea of playing and creating music since I was young.  I have been producing music since 2016.


When I first started, I did a mixtape with a local artist from my city. One of my family friends heard the tape and sent it to one of his old classmates from High School, who at the time happened to have been an A&R at Warner Records.




BRYVN playing guitar since he was 12
Bryan Yepes – playing guitar since he was 12



He connected us, and PJ (the A&R) loved the beats but didn’t like the artist and requested me to send instrumentals. PJ also taught me a lot about the industry from networking to the business and even evolving my own sound.


I then found some solid people to collaborate with and was able to land a few records that weren’t the biggest but they weren’t local either. One record always led to another plus it always brought a new connection. Then one day I co-produced my first major placement: The Bees Knees by JUICE WRLD and that record opened up a lot of doors. Everything started evolving from there.



Tell us about your setup where the magic happens


My personal setup is at home, it’s my all time favourite studio in the whole world.



“it’s all routed through my Audient EVO Expanded System. Which is AMAZING.”



I have all my favourite synthesizers (Moog One, Prophet 6, Mellotron, ASR10, Pulsar-23, Prophet Rev 2, Jupiter X, Poly D, Juno 06A, OP-1 and more), Guitars, Bass, Mics, Pedals (Maestro G2, Chroma Console, CXM 1978, MKII, Mood, Microcosm, Arcades FX and more), Hardware (EFX2 Tape Echo by Echo Fix, Yamaha FX500 and more)


It’s a lot of gear! And it’s all routed through my Audient EVO Expanded System. Which is AMAZING.




EVO Expanded System: EVO 16 plus two SP8
EVO Expanded System: EVO 16 plus two SP8



Ah the full EVO Expanded System: one EVO 16 and two SP8s. Awesome! How are you getting on with that?  What do you love about it?


Yes, my main set up at home is all running through the EVO Expanded System. It literally relies on it. It is absolutely the best. It has all the ins and outs that I need. Very easy to set up and use.



Bryan Yepes on Smartgain: “when it comes to vocals it’s amazing”



I use the Smartgain all the time, I have it fully set up to where all the synths are set with the right level thanks to Smartgain, I use it a lot when I use my Guitar setup too, it’s soo clutch, and when it comes to vocals it’s amazing. Smartgain is the highlight of the EVO Expanded System for sure alongside the ins and outs too.



That’s 24 channels of Smartgain enabled mic pres!


Yes it is – I use the majority of my inputs. I have a good amount left to use but it is more than enough! I love it, it’s amazing.




BRYVN kicking back



You’ve also got an iD44 MKII?


So I use my iD44 MKII A LOT when I travel. I strictly only use it in other studios I am in. I also use it for my B-side of my home studio for my friends who come to collaborate / work. It lets us have two set ups in one spot so it’s a great and convenient interface for all of that.


Amazing preamps in it by the way.



Thanks very much! Who/what have you been working with/on recently?


I have been producing a lot of compositions and beats for other artists. I have also been using it to write for other artists too.


I used both Audient products heavily for the work I have on Don Toliver’s upcoming project.


I am excited for the new work that is coming.




Family is important to Bryan Yepes



What are you most proud of?


I am most proud of having a family of course. I do everything I do for my family.


I am proud of everything I have accomplished and been a part of. It means the world to me that my ideas, my productions have gotten such a reach to others and everything it’s accomplished from getting Multi-Platinum records, getting a Top Chart placement on Billboard, to multiple Grammy Nominations. Also, to be working with such great artists and collaborating with amazing producers and writers who are legends is amazing to me. It’s a dream come true for me.



“I used both Audient products heavily for the work I have on Don Toliver’s upcoming project”



And what’s great is…there is a lot more on the way!


I want to give my flowers to PJ Escobar, Chase B, DJ Dahi, Labrinth, Derek206. These are people who have helped me tons in my career from opportunities to mentoring / growth. Also to my day 1s: Frankie XY, Kid Culture, and Shndo.






What is coming up next for you?


A lot of new records produced and written by me. New music by me – and friends too. More content for the world to enjoy!


We’re just evolving on this side, and I’m super excited to show the world what’s coming.




We’re looking forward to it. Tell us where we can find you online so we can keep up to date with it all.


I’m on Instagram @bryan.yepes; X/Twitter @bryvnmusic and TikTok @bryanyepes_