TikTok Music Sensation Kira Lise Relies On EVO 4 When LiveStreaming

4th septiembre 2023


TikTok sensation, Kira Lise says EVO 4 plays a big part in her ‘livestream battles’ on TikTok LIVE. “Since the EVO 4 interface has multiple features that a mixer doesn’t, it becomes a great tool to be able to hear other livestreamers whilst I’m recording,” explains the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.



Kira Lise: “my audio has sounded much better since using the EVO 4”



She uses a Yamaha MG06X Mixer to plug in her Blue Bluebird mic, her Casio keyboard which she uses as a MIDI controller with her laptop. The outputs of her mixer are plugged into her EVO 4 which goes directly into her phone, around which all of her live streaming revolves. “One of the things I love about EVO 4 is that it’s iOS compatible,” she says.




Kira Lise on TikTok



“The Smartgain feature is a big plus to have as well. With confidence, my audio has sounded much better since using the EVO 4,” she continues. “I use the Smartgain feature every time with EVO 4. Its utility is perfect for recording because it’s easier to peak while singing live.”



“a great tool to be able to hear other livestreamers whilst I’m recording”



It was early in 2021 when she initially ‘went viral’. She put her own stamp on the online music scene by taking a song usually in a major key and playing a cover of it in a minor key. “It made it really dark and eerie,” she says. Nowadays she’s live streaming exclusively on TikTok where she has started sharing more of her own music.







Audient caught up with her recently, and recorded a video where she shares personal anecdotes, opens up about the challenges she has faced and offers invaluable advice for aspiring musicians and content creators looking to make their mark on TikTok.



“perfect for recording”



Kira is currently working on her debut EP in a local Californian studio which happens to have an Audient ASP4816-HE at its heart. It’s due to be released later on this year. “We have a lot of great content to come once the EP is out in the world,” she says, although she’s in no rush. “I go with the flow. We’ll see what happens,” she says. In the meantime, she has a few travel plans looming and intends to make the most of EVO 4’s portability and take her interface away with her.




Shot of Kira Lise in her video on YouTube looking wistfully into the middle distance
Kira Lise on YouTube



To keep up to date with everything she’s doing – and catch some of those legendary livestream battles, follow her on TikTok: @kiralise, on Instagram and most other socials simply by searching Kira Lise.




Kira Lise: vocalist playing guitar whilst singing into mic with some studio kit/random drums in the background
In the studio with Kira Lise