Specify Your Dream Studio With Audient Virtual Console Builder

10th agosto 2023


Audient has created the world’s first virtual console builder for anybody to try out. If you are considering investing in an  ASP8024 Heritage Edition or simply want to specify the perfect console for your dream studio, Audient is making it easier than ever to configure – and visualise – your own desk, using the new virtual Console Builder on the Audient website.



customise and choose your perfect ASP8024-HE desk



Audient’s Andrew Allen explains, “The ASP8024-HE is one of the only modular consoles on the market, which means it can be configured in hundreds of different ways. We wanted to demystify the process. Potential customers can now use this online tool to see what options are available, customise and choose the ideal desk for them with a real time and downloadable visualisation.”





Navigating using a simple interface, users start by selecting the number of channels from 12 to 72. By answering a few simple yes/no questions, they can easily add a Patchbay, Producer Desk or Dual Layer Control – or all three. To tailor the console to suit their workflow and studio setup more precisely, further extras such as an extended depth top shelf upgrade, VESA mount or extra-deep armrest are also available.



“use this online tool to see what options are available”



Each decision is illustrated on screen in real time, allowing customers to view an image of ‘their’ console changing before their eyes, as they add and remove modules. When satisfied with the layout, it’s easy to download their bespoke configuration to keep for reference.



“Once you’ve clicked ‘Download’, you’re not locked into that configuration,” adds Andrew, explaining that modules could still be arranged in a different order. “The beauty of this tool is that if you are interested in making your dream studio a reality with Audient, it’s easy to use Console Builder to request a callback.”

Try building your own virtual Audient ASP8024-HE console by clicking here.



The launch of Console Builder coincides with a cosmetic refresh of the desk itself. New customers of the ASP8024-HE will still enjoy all the same features of the British brand’s flagship desk, but now with an aesthetic redesign. “We’ve made it easier to navigate the console, with a view to providing a better user experience,” says Andrew, highlighting the new colourway, all-new cool-white metering and easy to read labelling. “And a stylish, UK handmade walnut armrest completes the new look,” he says.






Check out images of the new look ASP8024-HE here – or go and build your own using the virtual Console Builder.