Pro Studio And Education Facility In One? RTRC is Changing The Model…

14th junio 2021


Audient was delighted to hear that the first ever Recording Arts Program students at The Round Table Recording Co in Indianapolis – also a professional studio in its own right – celebrated completing their course this month, having learnt their craft on the ASP8024 Heritage Edition console.



Graduating Class



The 24-week course culminated in five weeks of project-related work, which meant students spent up to 30 hours on the console in the main studio A. “The time consists of specific lessons on console operation, signal flow and patch bay. Shadowing sessions provide operational experience with actual artist recordings and lab work involves console operations,” explains The RTRC’s co-owner, Tim Walker. “The students’ final project is conducted in studio A and they are encouraged to complete projects that require the operation of the console and its preamps. Those who excel at the understanding and operation of the console will gain more experience through private workshops and writing sessions.”



“It’s a great console to teach on because students can grasp it quickly.”



According to Tim, teaching with the British console definitely had its advantages: “We felt the signal flow/routing on the Audient board is very flexible.  It’s also very intuitive and easy to understand. It’s a great console to teach on because students can grasp it quickly.”




Noah Glover with a client at the ASP8024 Heritage Edition at The Round Table Recording Co



Graduating student, Noah Glover concurs. “It’s a great visualisation of routing and signal flow in a DAW.” His experience on the console has certainly worked out well for him, as he has been hired by The RTRC to onboard and orient new engineers in operation and use of the Audient desk.







Noah is not the only graduate to find a job straight away.  John Overton (pictured above, setting levels on the Audient console and overseeing a podcast recording) is now working with clients out of The RTRC studio A on podcasts. “The hands-on experience he had with the console from the program let him jump right into sessions confidently,” confirms Tim.



“It’s a great visualisation of routing and signal flow in a DAW” – Recording Arts graduate, Noah Glover



The commercial side of the studio is also going full throttle now, as the first ‘Round Table Originals’ (RTOs) are being launched currently. “These are extremely talented artists that we are collaboratively producing and writing with. We feel very strongly about this area as it is really what we are about,” explains Tim. citing their slogan: “The Sounds of Creativity  | Powered by Collaboration.”






The newest Music Production Program is scheduled to run before the end of 2021 as well. “We want to incorporate all the lessons learned from the Recording Arts Program to provide the best student experience possible,” says Tim. What with that, and the publishing business due to launch in the third quarter, it’s difficult to believe that The RTRC hasn’t even had its first birthday yet!



Audient sends congratulations to both The RTRC and its graduates.