Miami’s House Of Hits Shoots For The Stars With Audient

30th noviembre 2020

“We’ve been open three months and we’ve been blessed with 15-hour bookings in both rooms each day!” says Vinny DeLeon, owner and multi-platinum engineer at Miami recording studio, House of Hits. With a 24 channel ASP8024-HE console at the heart of Studio A, business is going so well, that plans have already been drawn up to expand into next door. “We’re going to double our square footage to 5000, where we’ll have three more studios, a lounge, a basketball court – you name it,” he says.



“I love the Audient [console]. I love the look of it and it sounds even better.”



Vinny is used to thinking big – an attitude which gets results. His accomplishments as a 47-times platinum mixing engineer with seven Grammy nominations and an RIAA Diamond award have helped attract major label clients too. Offset (of the Migos), Lil Pump, Daddy Yankee and French Montana have already passed through the doors at House Of Hits, as well as award-winning Latin artists Nicky Jam, Rosalía, Karol G and Anuel. This level of demand shows no sign of slowing down, either.




House Of Hits’ clients get the opportunity to relax in the futuristic art gallery/games room



Describing the studio as “the world’s first recording experience”, Vinny wants clients to choose House Of Hits for holistic reasons. “We offer a lot more than the typical recording studio. We’re a one-stop shop for all musical and creative needs in Miami: production, recording, mixing, mastering, writing etc. We even have an art gallery in the communal area!”


“It’s been a really easy transition […] I’m really grateful I went with Audient.”



He did a lot of detailed research prior to opening the studio – in particular, when specifying the mixing desk. “I went from a digital board to an analogue console, so I wanted to make sure the marriage was one that would last for a long time.” It paid off. “I love the Audient. I love the look of it and it sounds even better.”






His ASP8024-HE console comes complete with Dual Layer Control (DLC) which provides a range of DAW control features. Vinny is used to working in-the-box and describes himself as “a little ‘new school’”, yet was surprised to find how quickly he has been able to adapt. “It’s been a really easy transition and the integration with ProTools is awesome. The board is very simple; everything is inline and very straightforward. I’m really grateful I went with Audient.”



“we want to create the superstars that wouldn’t normally have the resources”



House Of Hits currently has a staff of eight engineers and manages two producers, but with the new studio expected to open within the next four months, staff numbers are set to increase. Alongside growth in the studio company, Vinny’s online alter ego: Mr Mix & Master is also enjoying an upswing in business.




ASP8024-HE console in Studio A at Miami’s #1 studio, House Of Hits



Whilst he is certainly shooting for the stars, it is important to Vinny that he keeps his feet on the ground. His competitive pricing means he can cater to local bookings as well, ensuring the studio is always full. “I like to be in the middle market and give back,” he explains, setting himself apart from the high-cost producers who are out of reach for independent artists. “By setting up a label and signing talent, we want to create the superstars that wouldn’t normally have the resources that the major labels do – for an affordable price.”






There seems to be no limit to Vinny’s vision, as he describes the extensive plans he has for his new studio next door. “We’re looking to create one of the coolest looking studios: like a fuselage of an aeroplane or even a spaceship. It’s really a 2030 design! I’m excited to have Audient be a part of this.”



Audient is just as excited to be part of Vinny DeLeon’s very bright future.