LAUREL Self-Produces Debut Album With Audient

17th junio 2019

Musician and producer, Laurel released her hit track, Life Worth Living as a single package last month; the single itself has already clocked up over 4 million listens on Spotify. Featured on her debut album, Dogviolet, she wrote, mixed and produced the whole record herself from the comfort of her London flat, using surprisingly minimal kit. Originally using an Audient iD22 audio interface, she recently upgraded to the larger iD44.



Find out more about Laurel’s creative and production process in this video:






Laurel confesses, “I’m more of a creator than a technical person,” when asked about her gear. She knows exactly how she wants her music to sound, without being particularly hung up on how she makes it happen. “I think you can get caught up in the technical stuff,” she says, laughing at what ‘studio professionals’ might say to her way of using her technology. “I’m pretty sure no-one does that, but I think it sounds amazing – so I’m going to do it!”



Designed with creatives in mind, iD44 suits Laurel perfectly.



Designed with ‘creatives’ in mind, iD44 suits Laurel perfectly. Audient’s most powerful audio interface to date, it has four console mic pres and class-leading converters which ensure she gets the professional sound she needs for producing an album, whilst being easy to use.



Having a simple studio setup in her quirky home, means Laurel really can get straight to work when inspiration strikes. “I’m very quick to write songs,” she says and yet she takes her time when it comes to production. Describing how she knows a track is finished, “It just sounds right,” she says. “Sometimes a song will never sound right, and maybe it will never be finished. Then one day, you’ll listen to a song that you wrote three years ago, and suddenly you crack it.”



Laurel: “I’m more of a creator than a technical person”



To take a more in-depth look at the different elements that went into the song, check out our ‘Inside The Track’ video:






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