Audient Goes For Gold in Equestrian Dressage

5th noviembre 2018



Audient’s 8-channel mic preamp ASP800 has recently been added to Michael Erdmann’s private studio, Exclusive Sound Suite, a leading production studio for equestrian dressage freestyle music. Today, many of the world’s best dressage riders rely on productions and compositions by Michael Erdmann. Back in 1995, he and sound engineer Manni Struck revolutionised freestyle music, which can be anything from pop to classical music.



“I am a fan of devices that are easy to handle and sound right. This is absolutely the case with the ASP800.”



“We arrange the music in a similar way to scoring a film,” explains Michael. “I receive a video of the ride or ‘choreography. Then we create the pre-arrangement and if necessary, the orchestral arrangement. The recordings can be up to 140 tracks and are mixed in the Exclusive Sound Suite by Manni and myself.”



With their first foray into equine music helping Isabell Werth and her horse Gigolo win a gold medal at the Atlanta Olympic Games back in 1996, Michael has every intention that Exclusive Sound Suite music will strike gold again at the forthcoming Olympics in Tokyo 2020 – this time with Audient’s help.



After a test run last month, Michael immediately decided to keep the ASP800. As a percussionist he naturally gravitates towards the drums: ““We achieved excellent results in just a few steps with the standard setup: Kick in (Audix D6), Snare top (Shure SM57), Rack (EV PL35), Floor (EV PL35), Overhead (2 x Ribbon), Kick out (RODE NTK) Room mono (Aston Spirit).” He adds, “I am a fan of devices that are easy to handle and sound right. This is absolutely the case with the ASP800.”



Studio owner, Michael Erdmann

As well as producing ‘other’ music – including dance productions and film music for German crime series Tatort – Michael intends to carry on with the dressage freestyle music. “We hope to continue to set the trends there.” he says. “That, and the further technical expansion of the studio, of course which is a ‘project’ in itself.”



Audient wishes you every success now and at the Olympics. And.. we might suggest one or two products for that last project?