Kingston University’s Visconti Studio Installs Audient Heritage Console

15th février 2017

Kingston University’s Visconti Studio has installed an Audient ASP8024 Heritage Edition, just in time for the 2017 Winter School led by MPG and Grammy-Award Winning Tony Visconti himself, which takes place this week.



“Audient has clearly listened to its users when developing the Heritage desk” ~ Visconti Studio Technician



The brand new bespoke studio at the University’s Kingston Hill campus opened in September last year, and is part of a large-scale research and teaching project in partnership with the British Library and the Science Museum, called “The Heritage and Future of Analogue Recording and Production”. This involves the influential producer not only lending his name but also his expertise, working with students and staff of Kingston University – as well as invited artists – to produce records.






The new Audient Heritage desk – the definitive version of Dearden’s original ASP8024 analogue design with all new enhancements and features – is in good company in the studio, working alongside vintage and rare recording equipment, all of which come together to help achieve the project’s mission: to preserve the sounds and practices of the analogue past for the digital future. The Visconti Studio also features a unique collection of instruments including a Mellotron, a Hammond organ and Steinway concert grand piano, and is based around an extraordinary 300m2 octagonal live room.






Music Technician at Visconti Studios, Ebby Acquah reckons the Audient desk is a perfect fit for the new studio. “Audient have clearly listened to their users when developing the Heritage desk. Its intuitive layout, combined with even better legending make it straightforward for our students to use. I particularly love the improvements to the master section: the new meter and bass expansion function on the compressor, and the retro transformers which can be switched in and out are both great additions to the mix bus. The stand-out new feature for us is the integrated DLC, which can be used either in DAW mode or as VCA’s for the groups.”



“This upgrade offers great quality, long term value for money and peace of mind”



Jon Pringle, Kingston University’s Technical Production Manager confirms, “This upgrade offers great quality, long term value for money and peace of mind,” and adds that the University’s “continuing relationship with Tony Visconti and ongoing development of the Visconti Studio is key to the future direction of the Music department, including the launch of our new B.A Popular Music and B.A Music Technology courses.’’







Visconti is synonymous with ground-breaking music and has worked with some of the most dynamic and influential names in pop, from Marc Bolan/T-Rex and Thin Lizzy, to David Bowie, Morrissey and The Foo Fighters. This month he bagged two Grammy Awards for Bowie’s ★ (Blackstar) as Best Engineered Album (non-Classical) and Best Alternative Music Album, and is also presented with the 2017 Music Producers’ Guild Award for Outstanding Contribution to UK Music at a ceremony in London.



Visconti Studio hosts public events and runs occasional short courses, in addition to being available for commercial hire. For more information visit