The Cranberries Founder Noel Hogan Goes Mobile With Audient

15th janvier 2016

Co-founder and composer for The Cranberries, Noel Hogan described the addition of Audient’s 8 channel mic pre & ADC ASP880, and USB Interface iD22 to his mobile and home studio set up, as “…perfect for me.”



Despite having painstakingly kitted out his studio with a lot of coveted vintage outboard gear, his work involved so much travelling that it was often left unused. “Finding a set up that I can take with me is what I’ve been working on more recently,” he explains. “I wanted it to be clean, reliable and mobile so I went straight for the ASP880 combined with the iD22. The clean sound and separation I get from the units is amazing; that combined with the quick ease of use is perfect for any project studio.”



“I wanted it to be clean, reliable and mobile so I went straight for the ASP880 combined with the iD22.



ASP880 features eight renowned Class-A microphone preamplifiers and two channels of D.I inputs, pristine converter technology and eight balanced inserts, providing audio excellence in an affordable package. Together with the iD22, which features the same quality Audient mic pres, the DAW is transformed into a world-class recording system by simply connecting directly to mics, computer and monitors.




Noel Hogan in his studio with his iD22 audio interface and ASP880 mic pres



Hogan has always found himself drawn to production – even in the early days. He confesses: “Most of my time in the studio (when not recording) was spent watching and learning how the process works.” He was also lucky enough to have had extended time with audio engineer Cenzo Townshend and record producer Stephen Street; their combined talent – and appreciation of Audient products – certainly fuelling his inspiration.



“In 2003 The Cranberries decided to take a break. It was then that I had an idea for an album and decided it was time to try and do it myself. It was this that opened the door, and I started getting offers from other bands to produce their material.”  Fast-forward to today, and Hogan’s new, mobile set up is clearly working for him, with the Audients travelling with him or plugged in at his studio. “At the moment it’s a mix of home studio and mobile, it depends on each project,” he explains.


“The clean sound and separation I get from the units is amazing.”



His current, self-produced project which he describes as, “New material with vocals that I’ve been working on for a few years,” is coming together now. “We don’t have a title yet, but it’s due for release early next year.



“The next few months will see me working from my home studio, but after that it will be a combination of here and working in France,” he continues. France, eh? “The next project is in the early stages. It combines the talents of bands both in France and Ireland to see what the end result brings. This is a big project that will take up most of the year.”



Sounds great! Audient is looking forward to hearing more about that as it happens. In the meantime, check out what else is going on for Hogan by visiting his website.