Top 5 Metal Production Tips

1. Get the Best Source Possible   If you find yourself stacking plugins and not getting anywhere, there's a good chance your source tone isn't up to par. Whether it [...]

Recording A Band At Home

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How To Stop Yourself From Going Deaf

Intro   How many musicians and audio engineers are using hearing protection these days? The answer is not enough. As a musician and/or audio engineer you whole career relies on [...]

Recording A Live Session For Video

Intro So you’ve found your recording space, be that a hall or a studio or even your living room, plugged in your gear and you’re ready to go. Now what? [...]

Analogue Mastering for the Digital Age

Intro We’ve all heard the classic debates about digital vs. analog. Instead of describing a “winning” position we want to talk about the specific sonic quality attributes that analog equipment [...]

5 Tips for Composing Music for Commercials

Andy Huckvale Intro Composing is an art form that has often meant capturing the attention of an audience. Whether it's Mozart being commissioned to compose chamber music for the elite [...]