How To Mix Kick & Bass In Dance Music

1. Choose the right samples     Start off with choosing wisely your kick drum. Why choose a lame kick drum sample and spend multiple hours trying to make it [...]

LAUREL – Self Producing an Album

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A Beginners Guide To Modulation

Accompanying compression, reverb, delay, filtering and EQ in any producer’s audio processing arsenal, phasing, flanging and chorusing – collectively referred to as ‘modulation effects’ – are powerful tools for sound [...]

Recording a Music Festival

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The beginner’s guide to sidechaining

Taking advantage of a technology that’s been around since the earliest days of music production, sidechaining has become a go-to signal processing technique in recent years, playing a major role [...]

Top 5 Metal Production Tips

1. Get the Best Source Possible   If you find yourself stacking plugins and not getting anywhere, there's a good chance your source tone isn't up to par. Whether it [...]

Jake Gosling Production Tips

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Audio Latency Explained

Intro When recording using a computer, one thing you’ll want to understand is Latency and how it can affect your sessions. Modern computers are wonders of technology and can process [...]