Converter Technology

High quality AD/DA converters are a vital factor in hearing what you're recording or mixing accurately. We have chosen some of the best converters available to make sure all our products offer you stunning translation. 

Why do converters matter?


  • Do you find your recordings grainy and not as clear as you would like them to be?
  • Do you find that you have poor translation when listening to your mixes on alternative playback systems?
  • Do you struggle to hear detail when listening to your favourite albums?
  • Have you ever struggled to perfectly time your delay or reverb tails?

The Solution

All these issues are often down to having poor quality AD-DA converters in your setup and just go to show why high quality converters are vital to improving your mixes or listening experience. High levels of distortion, crosstalk and poor clocking are commonly caused by low quality converters and these factors largely contribute to lower quality recordings and poor translation when making mix decisions.

To ensure this doesn’t happen at Audient, the majority of our products utilise class leading Burr-Brown converters that will instantly improve your listening experience. So why settle for less…

Why Burr Brown?

At Audient we spend months testing and listening to new technologies in order to make the best sounding products we can and the process wasn’t any different when it came to converters. After listening to dozens of different converters we chose Burr-Brown due to their inherent musicality. Through detailed listening tests on multiple monitors and in various environments we found that the Burr-Brown converters consistently offered the most natural and organic representation of the source, enabling you to hear your audio more accurately than ever.


Years of experience

The Burr-Brown Corporation has its own rich history dating back to 1956 where it was founded in a garage by Page Burr and Thomas R. Brown with the aim to commercialize semiconductor transistors. Still active to this day, they went on to become class leading suppliers in high precision data conversion technology and their designs are still being utilised in various industries, including audio!

"The ASP880 has a wonderful true clarity to its sound. I find it incredibly transparent!"

- Jake Gosling

(Ed Sheeran, One Direction)

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